Consumable And Capital Agricultural Inputs
Consumable and Capital Agricultural Inputs

To maximize production, farmers need to use agricultural inputs to boost their harvest, especially smallholders. Agricultural inputs are any external resources that are applied to the soil to increase farmers’ yields and income. They can be high quality seeds, Fertilizers, Insecticides, Pesticides, Irrigation equipment, Poultry birds and products, relevant information, water, high technology tractors etc. it’s any resource you use to increase your agribusiness/farming success rate.


Here is everything you need to know about the types of agricultural inputs:

There are unlimited types of farm inputs, but we have two major categories;
1-Consumable inputs and
2-Capital inputs.


Consumable Inputs

These are common daily agricultural inputs that are “consumed” by crops eg seeds, day old chicks, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, farm tools, equipment etc. They’re are the most basic but essential for smallholders farmers. Agrochemicals are essential to prevent pests. Mulch can be a deterrent to preventing weed growth. High quality seeds are needed to ensure the health of the crop from the start.


Capital inputs

are farm inputs that are generally more advanced in machinery and technology. These agricultural inputs cannot be consumed by the crop itself. These inputs should be seen as tools for farms both larger farms and smallholder farmers. Smallholder farmers generally do not use capital inputs like tractors and plows because it is a big investment. Capital inputs consists of materials such as tractors, nylon netting, stakes, plows, irrigation systems, reflective roofing, trellis material etc.


Certain types of farm inputs are more ecological than other types of farm inputs. With the rapid development of global warming, we recommend that every farmer try as much as possible to achieve sustainable development. We understand that sustainable agriculture is often a challenge for smallholder farmers because they have limited resources, but this is not impossible.

Smallholders can achieve green and environmental protection by incorporating integrated pest management methods into their daily work. Integrated pest control methods use organic and inorganic materials to repel pests. By finding a precise balance between the two, small farmers can use sustainable farming methods and ensuring high yields.


Over the years, Farmsquare Nigeria has partnered with a group of manufacturers and agro-dealers to promote and create sustainable farm input options. Both big and smallholder farmers now have easy access to lots of these agricultural inputs freely within Nigeria.


Farmsquare is committed to ensuring that every farmer has the resources and agricultural knowledge necessary to ensure a sustainable harvest year after year.

Agricultural inputs are crucial to the success of any farmer anywhere in the world. We hope you have a good knowledge of the different types of agricultural inputs now.

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