Day Old Chicks Prices In Nigeria Today

Are you planning of buying day old chicks today? Check out the current prices of broiler, noiler, pullet, local and foreign turkey day old chicks.


Before itemizing the prices, we need to inform you that day-old chicks are not produced daily. You can only get them on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays and Thursdays are hatching days for chicks. Thursdays are for Turkeys and ducklings.


It’s no news that the prices of day old chicks are not always stable – it changes every hatching day.

Day old chicks prices

According to the survey by The Guardian Newspaper, Nigerians are wailing over the cost of poultry products, particularly dressed and live chickens, as the country’s inflation rate soars and “chicken change” is no longer able to purchase chicken.


day old chicks prices today

The good news is that the poultry industry is a big one and there are lots of opportunities for you to tap into.

Whenever you plan to buy day old chicks, always find out the current prices before placing your order, especially on online platforms like farmsquare, afrimash, poultry plaza, agrited, olam, chi, nairaland, etc.


Here are day old chicks price for today;
NOILER (DOC): N19,500 per carton

– Agrited: N30,500 per carton
– Fidan: N28,000 per carton
– Valentine: N29,000 per carton
– Zartech: N28,000 per carton
– Nastech: N28,000 per carton
– Chi: N29,000 per carton
– Amo: N28,000 per carton
– Sayed: N29,500 per carton
– Olam: N28,000 per carton


Pullets: Not Available

– White Cockerel (DOC): N90 per chick
– Black Cockerel: N280 per chick

– Local Turkey (Day Old): N700
– Foreign Turkey: N3,600


Please, before you place your order, WhatsApp/Call any of 07049089805, 08133974376, or 09022444522 for details.


Please Note: Booking for day old chicks is always on Mondays and Thursdays before 11:30 am. Best prices are known those days.


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