Lagos Provides Agricultural Inputs To 3,000 Farmers

Lagos provides agricultural inputs…

In accordance with the activation plan for the agricultural value chain company, the Lagos state government provided agricultural production assets and inputs to 3,000 agricultural companies. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu described the intervention as a manifestation of his government’s commitment to agricultural development, expansion and growth in Lagos state.

According to him, providing tools, implementing innovation and creativity will make it easier for farmers to produce high quality crops, thus increasing their contribution to feeding the population of Lagos and Nigeria. The governor encouraged beneficiaries to grow their businesses to maturity and create sustainable prosperity as the government implements interventions to help them.

He said: ‘The beneficiaries will receive tractors, ploughs, fishing boats and fishing equipment; poachers, threshers, sorters, harvesters, drugs, herbicides, young fish, pig raisers, smokers, eggs and other tools and accessories. It will be used for agricultural communities in the agricultural areas of Badagry, Epe and Ikorodu.

“The goal is simple: we want to make the lives of farmers and farm workers easier. We want to make it easier for them to clear the land, grow high quality crops, raise healthy animals and process your produce. “If they manage to do this successfully, everyone benefits, from producer to consumer. There are clear benefits in terms of health, productivity and employment.

“We are also working with a financial institution on an adequate financing structure to ensure the sustainability of the plan.

“I must say that, although we have made a lot of progress and made good intentions, the government alone cannot achieve the expected development of the agricultural sector. “I call on the private sector to harness the enormous potential of the agricultural sector in Lagos State, which currently has an estimated annual turnover of N5 trillion.”

Agriculture Commissioner Ms. Abisola Olusanya said that since the program’s launch in 2014, 13,976 people have benefited. She explained that the government’s desire is to help loyal farmers transform their businesses into viable and mature agricultural enterprises through conscious monitoring and control mechanisms.

According to Olusanya, the team’s responsibilities were established to ensure the proper use of assets, thus collaborating with the Ecobank in the Fisheries Value Chain and with the MPME Accountant for Agribusiness in Lagos (LAP) program of the Ministry of Finance. And beneficiaries of the Youth Empowerment Program in Agriculture (Agric-YES).

She said: ‘As the Lagos State Food and Agriculture System roadmap made clear over the next five years, these strategies are expanding the window of opportunity for youth participation.

“In the long run, these efforts and many other efforts in the agricultural ecosystem should change the status of a food consumer to a major food producer, especially in fisheries, pigs, poultry and coconuts, where it is a strong comparison and competitive advantage.”


That Lagos provides agricultural inputs to farmers shows how important it is.

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