Lagos State Partners With Maize Farmers
Lagos State Partners With Maize Farmers

Lagos State Government said it is working with the Maize Association of Nigeria (MAAN) to investigate the possibility of commercial maize production in the state.

Agriculture Minister, Abisola Olusanya announced this in a statement in Lagos on Sunday. Olusanya said this after receiving the association’s members.

The commissioner affirms that the meeting with MAAN should consider the possibility of purchasing silage from the partnership.

She highlighted that silage is an affordable feed for the state’s livestock, especially for dairy cows.

Silage is called grass or other green fodder, compacted and stored in a closed condition (like a silo) without first being dried and used as animal feed.

She said there was a need to work with the association after visiting Epe’s Igbodu Confinement.

According to Olusanya, MAAN planted about 167,000 hectares of maize in Nigeria and the average agricultural yield in the 2021 agricultural season is 5 metric tons per hectare.

“The state has about 835,000 metric tons of silage available for confinement.

‘We will meet with MAAN representatives to discuss possible cooperation with the association to help the state grow its own maize.

‘The partnership will become an important source of animal feed production.

“I am particularly pleased with this initiative as it is in line with the state’s five-year agricultural roadmap, especially the red meat value chain reform.

‘As you know, the state is creating feedlots and fattening centres in collaboration with interested investors.

“This will help in the traceability and hygiene of the cattle before being slaughtered for consumption,” she said.

Olusanya also said the meeting was a follow-up visit to Epe Ibodu’s feed farm and discussed the opportunity to purchase association silage.

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