Modified Starch Market: Why High-Quality Cassava Starch?
Cassava Stem from Farm Square Nigeria

High-Quality Cassava Starch (HQCS) plays a pivotal role as raw materials for food, paper, textiles, adhesives, beverages, confectioneries and in pharmaceuticals. This has given rise to a consistent demand for HQCS, which has been in limited supply in Nigeria due to its high cost and low production.


High level purity

Excellent thickening characteristics

A neutral (bland) taste

High paste viscosity

High paste clarity

High freeze-thaw stability

Desirable textural characteristics

Relatively cheaper compare to other sources of starch

Food thickeners or stabilizers and so on…


Farm Square Nigeria has been effectively adopted as a distributor and partner with NIJI GROUP, with a clear goal of exhibiting a clear commitment to providing HQCS on a consistent basis depending on the demand.

Our High-Quality Food Grade Cassava starch is simple and un-fermented starch. Thus, while we keep it simple in principle, the manufacture of our product requires great care. The production of our cassava starch is consciously adherence to good manufacturing practice (GMP), in order to produce a safe and suitable starch in conformity with ISO 22000.
Our HQCS can also be used as an alternative for starch and other imported materials like wheat starch in a number of industrial undertakings.

Our product and delivery come with a strategic sustainable approach, which is cost-effective, valuable and important in production . Farmsquare Nigeria has championed several agricultural marketing solutions and programs, to drive sustainability in agri-business and competitive strategy through the instrumentality of agricultural products. Our product, produced from cassava variety TME 419 and sourced in-house from the largest cassava farm in Nigeria of about 4000 acres with 85% in use has the ability to fit into your company’s strategic focus. Our HQCS will undoubtedly add product quality to your brand.

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