How Obasanjo Supports Youth With 500 Acres of Farmland
How Obasanjo Supports Youth With 500 Acres of Farmland

Obasanjo Supports Youth With 500 Acres of Farmland…

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has leased 500 acres of farmland on his farm in Iseyin, Oyo State, to Oke Ogun youths through the Oke Ogun Green Revolution Initiative.

Obasanjo was a special guest and keynote speaker at the just-concluded Oke Ogun Youth Agriculture Summit, saying that he leased land to young people for free because he wanted them to practice profitable commercial agriculture.

The former president said that if Nigeria had adequate food and food security, it should involve young people more in agricultural businesses.

The former head of state, who is also a farmer, said that peace, security, high-quality leadership and government policies favorable to the agricultural sector would not only increase youth participation in the sector, but also create more jobs, reduce poverty and promote development.

‘If we don’t have security, high-quality local leadership, access to farmland and other basic needs that support agriculture, we cannot talk about food security, which will encourage all farmers to work not just for those who eat, but also for those who export” he emphasized.

Obasanjo reveals that he started the Ogun Osun River Basin, the Badagri-Sokoto Highway, the Ikere Gorge dam and other projects to open up Oke Ogun and other areas in Nigeria to promote agricultural development. He sighs and says, “Unfortunately, there’s follow up.”


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While he said Governor Seyi Makinde assured him he would restore infrastructure and roads to ensure the full potential of the Ikere Gorge dam, the former president said these projects will not only promote agricultural development, but also generate electricity and water to other parts of the West.

Mr Adeniji Kolawole, from Niji Farms, supported Obasanjo. He said that the government’s agricultural policy should be designed to increase participation in the sector.

He said that proper agricultural education, mechanized agriculture and the provision of infrastructure and basic services would improve food security.

He suggested helping young people by training them to become buyers of his products and giving financial loans through banks to increase their interest.

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