OYO State OBE Project Launch for Food Security
OYO State OBE Project Launch for Food Security

May 2, 2023 in Agriculture

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OYO State OBE Project Launch for Food Security…

The Oyo State chapter of “Oyo State OBE Project Launch for Food Security” is a poverty alleviation project. It is aimed at providing households with the knowledge and resources to cultivate various food crops within their compound. This project has been launched two years after its inauguration in Ondo State. The project initiator, Mrs. Tomi Olatoye, highlighted the benefits of OBE during the launch event held in Ibadan, Oyo State. She stated that the initiative would ensure food security and sustainability for households. It would also provide a source of employment for women and youth. It would alleviate poverty, and enable households to access fresh and diverse vegetables. Additionally, households could generate income from the excess harvest by selling in nearby markets.


Food Security. Picture from Tribune


The Vice-Chairperson of OSACA, Olatoye disclosed that the “Oyo State OBE Project Launch for food security,” would set a tone. The would gear the initiative’s expansion to other states across Nigeria. During the event, other speakers shared their insights on the importance of food production. They also provided information on homestead catfish farming for households to meet their protein requirements. Dr. Soshina from OYSADA emphasized the need for the people of Oyo State to participate actively in food production.


Participants at the event were drawn from various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), farmer associations, and other groups. The launch of OBE in Oyo State would undoubtedly contribute significantly to the state’s agriculture sector by empowering households to become more self-sufficient in food production and generating income through sales of surplus produce. It is expected that the expansion of the initiative to other states in Nigeria would ultimately lead to an increase in food production, job creation, and poverty reduction.


OSACA – Ondo State Agricultural Commodities Association

OYSADA – Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency

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