Agri Life Agriboom (Liquid Organic Fertilizer) -1L
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Agri Life Agriboom (Liquid Organic Fertilizer) -1L

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Agriboom is a foliar fertilizer with nutrients such as N, P, K, and microelements from vermicompost and seaweed which aid in better root and shoot growth. It consists of cytokinins, auxins, betaines, and gibberellins that are derived from seaweed fermentation.  It is perfect for organic agriculture and very effective in improved the growth of different types of crops and vegetables thus increases farm production to the maximum.

Product Features

  • Aids in cell division, cell elongation, tillering, and vegetative growth.
  • It consists of bioactive humic and fulvic substances of vermicompost origin
  • Agriboom is very compatible with the application of pesticides and fungicides.
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Package type: Foliar Liquid Fertilizer.
  • Package size: 1 Litre.
Agri Life Agriboom( Liquid Organic Fertilizer)

Original price was: ₦5,500.Current price is: ₦5,000.

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Agri Life Agriboom Fertilizer


Agri Life AgriBoom is liquid organic manure comprising bioactive substances that are extracted from vermicompost and seaweed. It is extracted through unique cold processes to prevent its substance from being denatured. It has biologically derived nutrients and biostimulant substances and provides bioenergy and biostimulants required for crops.

  • Characteristics

    Highly compatible with Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Fungicides.

  • The use of Agriboom in place of chemical fertilizers leads to synthetic plant nutrition supplements and Chemical fertilizers thus, creating a safer environment.
  • It does not lead to residue problems and doesn’t cause resurgence problems.

Benefits of Agri Life Agriboom Liquid Organic Fertilizer

  • AgriBoom supplies nutrients to plants in an organic form and aids in cell division, cell elongation, tillering, and vegetative growth.
  • It enables the plant to withstand adverse abiotic conditions and aid in better flowering.
  • Imparts better organoleptic qualities to the fruit.
  • Induces better flowering and reduces flower dropping.
  • Helps better grain formation, better fruiting, and yield.

Method of application and use

  • Agri Life AgriBoom is formulated majorly as a foliar application product.
  • 2ml / Litre of water and spray during growth and fruit formation stages.
  • Spray volume depends on the crop canopy.
  • For Seed dressing: mix 5 ml 1/1 kg of seed thoroughly and sow.
    Root dipping: Dip the roots of the crop into a mixture of fertilizer and water for 5 minutes before planting.
  • mix 5 ml/liter of water.

Type of crop

It is suitable for application in different crops such as vegetables, fruits, Cereals,  plantation crops, orchards, and ornamentals etc.

Storage and Precaution

  • It can be stored for a period of 36 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Avoid inhalation and skin contact during product application
  • The operator should use protective gear such as a coat, gloves, mask, protective eyeglass
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke during application.
  • Surplus of Agriboom if not mixed with chemical fertilizers can be safely disposed of in the croplands.

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