Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film -(300m)

Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film -(300m)

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Plastic mulch film is used to modify soil temperature and prevents weed from growing. It also prevents moisture loss, and improve crop yield. Plastic mulch film serves to protect against leaching of fertilizers to enhance soil fertility. Soil under plastic mulch remains loose and well-aerated.

Product features and Specifications

  • They protect plant roots from both heat and cold.
  • Inhibit inspects activity.
  • They keep soil humidity.
  • The product helps to keep the cleanliness of the fruits as well
  • Length: 300m
  • Width: 1.2m/1.5m
    Colour: Grey/Black; Silver/Black
  • Thickness: 35 Micron
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Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film has become the core technology in vegetable, berry and hemp production. It serves so many purposes and has proven to more than pay for itself in most high value crops.

Mulch film is used to modify soil temperature, limit weed growth, prevent moisture loss, and improve crop yield as well as precocity. Because of their thickness, use of pigments and exposure to high solar irradiation, they require proper light and thermal stabilizers with intermediate chemical resistance. It is an economical and efficient way to enhance and protect plant growth by placing the film on the ground with plant protruding it.

It helps regulates the soil temperature evenly, insulating temperature-sensitive plants during the cooler months. Fruit-bearing trees and tender perennials are more likely to break from their winter dormancy by using plastic mulch too. Plastic mulch is also effective in protecting trees and shrubs from winter damage. Mulching with appropriate materials has a number of effects: it increases the soil temperature, conserves soil moisture, texture and fertility; and controls weeds, pests and diseases

Agricultural plastic mulch film is made of 199% HDPE (polyethene) with anti-UV, anti-ageing Antioxidants, etc. It is used for agriculture planting to control weed growth, to keep the soil temperature lower in hot regions. Silver and white mulch film can reflect light to keep the plant getting even light.
Different colours of mulch film provide different functions for the plant, black mulch film is more popular as it’s high performance in weed control, white/black plastic mulch film, silver/black mulch film also sells well because of their reflection functions. Other colours, such as green, red, blue are widely used in different agriculture business.

Advantages of Using Mulch Film

Mainly used for growing food and vegetable crops over extensive areas, mulch films offer the following advantages:

  • Improved crop quality.
  • Water retention.
  • Minimization of weed spread.
  • The product helps to control soil temperature.
  • It helps build favourable soil moisture for the development of roots and plants.
  •  Light is shut out, and the growth of the weed is suppressed
  •  It keeps the soil moist and warm. Anti-grass.
  •  Mulch film help protect the plant from frost.
  •  It helps enhance the growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops
  •  They help prevents soil erosion and runoff

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Smaller Width (1.2m), Larger Width (1.5m)

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