Agricultural Shade Net for Green House (2m X 40m)
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Agricultural Shade Net for Green House (2m X 40m)

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Shade nets are fabricated with polypropylene materials, generally applied in shading shelter, windbreak and fence. The lightweight, durable and great UV resistant shade-cloth nets can decrease heat build-up, wind speed and UV damage to greenhouse plants efficiently.


  • They are lightweight.
  • Great UV resistance.
  • They can be installed and removed easily.
  • Excellent structure with outstanding durability
  • Flexible, Light, strong and easy to spread and can be placed on simple support structures.
  • Size: 2m by 40m
  • Colour: Black
Shade Net for green house

Original price was: ₦48,000.Current price is: ₦45,000.

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Agricultural shade nets are designed specifically to optimize light filtration, ventilation, and micro-climate conditions for crop health and productivity. At Farmsquare, we offer high-quality shade netting to help farmers and growers maximize yields. Agricultural Shade Net (2m X 40m) also known as shading nets is nearly 10 years to promote a new type of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, wind, cover, and other special protective cover material. After the summer cover plays a block light, rain, moisture, and cooling effect. Winter and spring after there is a certain coverage of the role of insulation and humidification. The net is capable of withstanding heavy rain thus offering protective properties when rain falls which may damage flowering plants and branches. The net is suitable for various uses such as pet nurseries, mushroom cultivation, flower houses, orchid garden, etc. Shade Nets are basically used to provide shade to Green House in the Agriculture sector which is the reason why they are also known as agro nets. These green nets are made out of 100 % Virgin HDPE granules. These shade nets are made to provide various density shades ranging from 25% to 95%.

Below I’ll discuss the key benefits shade nets provide, specs to look for when selecting netting, installation tips, and how to get the most out of using shade nets for your crops.

Benefits of Agricultural Shade Nets

Compared to growing in open sun, shade nets provide many advantages:

  • Reduce sunlight intensity, protecting plants from sun-scald.
  • Optimize light quality and spectrum for growth.
  • Improve moisture retention while allowing airflow.
  • Shelter crops from dust, hail, and wind damage.
  • Can help deter birds and other crop pests.
  • Extend growing seasons into hotter months.
  • A shade net for the greenhouse is widely used in outdoor sunshine protection.
  • The product helps reduce the use of phytosanitary products against insects/plagues.
  • Shade nets help facilitate maximum ventilation in hot seasons.
  • They protect plants from strong sunshine and animals and it benefits harvest.
  • They are used to prevent hail damage in a broad variety of crops.

What to Look for in Shade Netting

Key factors when selecting a shade net for greenhouse:

  • Light filtration percentage – 30-80% is ideal for most crops.
  • UV stabilization – For durability in extended sunlight.
  • Mesh size – Finer mesh provides more insect protection.
  • Weight/density – Heavier netting is more tear-resistant.
  • Installation method – Choose based on the framework.
  •  Crop type – Match light needs of plants (e.g. orchards vs vegetables).

Installing Shade Nets For Greenhouses

Tips for installing shade nets:

  • Set up a rigid support framework of pipes, posts, and trellises first.
  •  Secure border edges of netting firmly to the framework.
  •  Stretch netting is taut throughout the structure to prevent sagging.
  •  Allow for easy lifting or retracting to control light levels seasonally.
  •  Use UV-treated netting for multi-year installations.

Maximizing Benefits for Your Crops

To optimize your investment in shade nets:

  • Dial in the ideal light filtration percentage for each crop.
  • Leverage adjustable nets to fine-tune light seasonally.
  • Supplement with irrigation and fertigation for optimal conditions.
  • Monitor conditions daily and ventilate to prevent overheating.
  • Use integrated pest control methods compatible with nets.


Agricultural shade nets are a profitable investment for farmers and commercial growers looking to increase yields, extend seasons, and improve crop quality. Contact Farmsquare to find the right shade netting solution for your needs!

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