Agriful Bio-stimulant Organic Fertilizer (AgriTecno Brand)
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Agriful Bio-stimulant Organic Fertilizer (AgriTecno Brand)

Original price was: ₦10,000.Current price is: ₦9,000.

Agriful bio-stimulant organic fertilizer is a biological or biologically derived organic fertilizer additives and similar products that are used in crop production to enhance plant growth, health and productivity of crops. Agriful are also used to supplement and enhance crop inputs.

Product features:

  • Package size: 1L (12 bottles in a carton)
  • Nutrient Composition: Major Nutrient elements (N, P, K)
  • Brand: AgricTecno
Agriful Bio-stimulant Organic Fertilizer

Original price was: ₦10,000.Current price is: ₦9,000.

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Agriful Bio-stimulant is a fast-acting root stimulator with fulvic acids, bio-active organic compounds for multipurpose and multi-application applications. This product is highly recommended because of its ability to permeates the area of the roots of targeted crops.

Benefits of using Agriful (Bio-stimulant)

  • This product is a strong root tonic for different cultures.
  • Agriful Bio-stimulantl contains compounds that are rich in amino acids, fulvic acids and lactate vitamins that help in the area of root stimulation.
  • The product helps to increase the activities of micro-organism
  • Agriful helps in the multiplication of plants cells and development.
  • The product makes water use more efficient.
  • Agriful helps in increasing the efficiency of plants metabolism to increase yield and enhance crop quality.
  • It improves the soil structure in the area of root influence.
  • Agriful Bio-stimulant helps to strengthen the development of the root system in such a way that the number of the root hairs is increased.
  • Improving the nutritional status of plants. Anti-stress and detoxifying effect.

Method of application

This product can be applied using different methods e.g

  • Drip irrigation method.
  • Spraying method
  • Injection method using a gardener spray or fumigation equipment.
  • Agriful Bio-stimulant should be used or applied during the whole vegetative cycle.

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