Skywalk Agricultural Fungicide

Skywalk Agricultural Fungicide


We offer Skywalk which is an agricultural fungicide used commonly for the control of early and late blight in tomatoes and potatoes.

The product is a multi-purpose, protective, contact, and residual fungicide for effective disease control and protection of field crops, fruits, and vegetables.

The active ingredient in Skywalk is mancozeb– Dithiocarbamate and Metalyxyl-M-Phenylamide.

Package size: 100g, 50 Sachets per carton.

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We offer Skywalk which is an agricultural fungicide used commonly for the control of a wide range of fungal infections in crops like potato, tomato, cabbage. The product is a multi-purpose, protective, contact and residual fungicide to effectively control disease and protect field crops, fruits, vegetables, potato, and particularly important for tomato use.

The product offered is effective against diseases like Downy Mildew, Early Blight and Late Blight.

Mancozeb- Dithiocarbamate and Metalyxyl-M-Phenylamide is the active ingredient in Skywalk.


A fungicide is an agent that destroys or inhibits fungal growth.

Science has proved beyond doubt that living things are plants and animals. It is also a reality, as do animals, that plants have pathogenic diseases. Plant disease is either caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, nematodes, and so on. It has also been shown that while many kinds of pathogens cause plant diseases Many are caused by infections with the fungi. Consequently, using effective fungicides is one of the most available and reliable ways of controlling plant diseases.

Fungal infections on crops, in particular vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc, can be very destructive to farmers and they need to be effectively eradicated.

Fungicides can be of several different types and are described below:

Class A: Primarily mancozeb and/or metalaxyl as active ingredients are in this package. They are very important and are used to combat diseases such as early blight, powdery mildew, etc. An example of such is the skywalk fungicide.

Class B: These fungicides are equally effective as they regulate dangerous bacteria and fungal diseases. They are made from copper oxide that can be present in various ways proportions. They are introduced to plants at a very early stage. They regulate late blight, wilt bacteria, etc.

Category C: Usually the most expensive and efficient of these. They handle very extreme fungal, infectious, and bacterial diseases. They may also work for Categories A and B diseases. They help manage special illnesses such as anthracnose, septoria leaf spot, fusarium wilt.


Application and pacing are essential to optimizing fungicide effectiveness. Strictly stick to the mark, and adopt the necessary timing and implementation process.
Numerous pesticides are licensed for use by farmers and it should be noted that a fungicide can not be used legally for
any reason other than the purpose indicated on the approved label.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin while handling the concentrate or spray solution. Users should use full protective clothing.

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Single Sachet, Carton

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