Weedlezz Herbicide (Paraquat, Non-Selective Contact)

Weedlezz Herbicide (Paraquat, Non-Selective Contact)


Weedlezz Herbicide is a non-selective, contact weed-killer (herbicide) that contains 276g of paraquat dichloride/L. It is applied to the foliage of weed to control broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges in both agricultural and non-agricultural practices. It is also used as a defoliant on crops, such as cotton, prior to harvest.

Product Features

  • Active Ingredients: Paraquat dichloride 27.6% / Soluble Liquid (276g/l)
  • Herbicide Type: Non-selective, Systemic, Folliar applied
  • Size: 1litre, Carton of 12 bottles.
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Weedlezz Herbicide (Paraquat, Non-Selective Contact) – Package size: Per Carton
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Weedlezz Herbicide (Paraquat, Non-Selective Contact)

Weedlezz is a non selective contact weed-killer (herbicide) that is highly effective in the control of annual and perennial weeds. It is used to effectively control weeds on both agricultural and non-agricultural land due to its potential for total weed control. It controls weed in banana, cocoa, and rubber plantation. It is also used as a; defoliant on crops like cotton, prior to harvest, desiccant for pineapples, sugar cane, soybeans, and sunflowers: in pasture renovation, etc., and in the destruction of potato haulms.

Mode of Action of Weedlezz Herbicide

Weedlezz herbicide disrupts the process of photosynthesis as soon as translocation to the xylem of the plant from its leaves occurs.

Target weeds of Weedlezz Herbicide

Majorly used against broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges.

Target Crops To Apply Weedlezz Herbicide

  • Maize
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cotton

Application of Weedlezz Herbicide

  • Apply using a knapsack or boom sprayer.
  • Apply 160ml of paraquat in 16 litres/200 – 300L of water per hectare.
  • Half fill the spray tank before adding the required amount of Paraquat, then completely fill the tank to the capacity required.

Benefits of Using Weedlezz Herbicide

  • Effective in a wider range of weather conditions.
  • Less packaging, handling, and waste than other herbicide formulations. Quick action in control of weed thus, allowing
  • cultivation intervals to be reduced.
  • High level of long-term weed control.


  • Paraquat should be administered by professionals
  • Do not spray in windy conditions Do not spray desirable vegetation.
  • If accidentally expose weedlezz (paraquat) either on your clothe or body, carefully remove and dispose of the clothing, then wash your entire body with soap and water thoroughly.
  • Avoid ingestion of paraquat.
  • See also: PARAFORCE.

Package size

Per Bottle, Per Carton

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