Poultry Automatic Cup Drinkers

Poultry Automatic Cup Drinkers


Our Automatic Cup Drinker is designed to consistently provide water for poultry birds at any time and season. The cup stays full always making water available to the birds.

The Automatic Cup Drinker also improves the supply of clean and fresh water for poultry birds, with minimal use of  labor stress. It is very reliable, durable, and produced in bright red color to attract the poultry birds of all sizes. This makes them ideal for all kinds of poultry birds like broilers, breeders, layers, pullets, ducks and other similar birds.

Product Features/Specifications:

  • Size -9 x 6*5cm (LxWxH).
  • Suitable for pipe diameter of 9.5 mm.
  • It is a strong plastic in material.
  • It has water adjustable levels.
  • Drinkers is easily installed on the side or bottom of a bucket.
  • Easily connected to a 3/4 PVC water pipe.
  • Weight -4000 g.
  • Capacity-Serves about 5 birds or more

NB: Types available are in packs of 20, 50, 100. Place order below for your preferred quantity

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Our automatic cup drinkers always remains full, which does not make it really necessary for birds to peck to the water. This means there is no need to train the birds and saves time in carrying water. Therefore, to run a complete system, you will also need a header tank, 10 mm pipe and a connection for the pipe into the header tank.

Our automatic cup drinker can also be mounted to connect to your water source. This product helps to provide many seasons of water sufficiency and free. It can also be used for many different birds.

The automatic cup has a trigger system that automatically fills up the cup with water, when the chicken pecks it.

You may want to hook your water system to a borehole source or different water source that is consistent. But you must make sure to have a regulator in order for you to do so.

  • The conventional way of rearing floor raised poultry birds by using the floor drinkers, is difficult to sustain, as the drinkers are easily littered, while the birds pace around. This especially happens when it is not well positioned on the floor. Also dirt and debris from the birds due to their adventurous nature, make it difficult for the chicks and birds to get access to clean and fresh water.
  • To curb all these problems, the Automatic cup drinker is therefore recommended for all poultry farmers as an easy, high quality and sanitary solution to provide consistent and clean water to poultry birds.
  • The Automatic cup is made of strong plastic material with a drinking cup. This can serve up to five chickens all at once. Just push them directly into a water container or into PVC piping in a low-pressure system.

This Automatic cup drinkers, also comes with a built-in trigger. It mounts the drinker directly to the water source. (bucket, pail, large pipe etc).  

You will have to drill a 3/8″ hole into your bucket and thread on your drinker (Use drill 9mm drill a hole at PVC pipe, or any other container then push it.). The automatic cup drinker therefore, utilizes a trigger system, this automatically fills the cup when the chicken pecks on it.

  • You can design your own drinker system and add as many cups to buckets or large pipes as you wish up to 210 drinkers per system.
  • Drinkers work under low pressure at 5 psi or less.

Advantages of the Automatic Cup Drinker:

  • Easy and hygienic to use.
  • Needs easy installation with necessary knots and screws included.
  • It is very convenient.
  • You don’t need high level of maintenance.
  • It helps in curbing bacterial growth.
  • It is handy and Durable.
  • Improves neatness of the poultry house.
  • It is very suitable for both commercial and subsitence poultry farming.
  • It allows poultry birds drink the right adequate amount of water needed by them.
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