Automatic Fowl-Pox Injector Vaccinator Syringe (For Poultry)
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Automatic Fowl-Pox Injector Vaccinator Syringe (For Poultry)

Original price was: ₦37,000.Current price is: ₦35,000.

This Fowl-Pox injector syringe type is a one-handed operation of the lightweight Fowl-Pox Vaccinator. It extremely saves time, cost and labour stress, by making the process of vaccination to animal very simple to administer.

The Fowl Pox Injector still remains one of the best quality poultry automatic syringe injectors. Because unlike other automatic syringe, it does not come with an adjustable calibration, rather the Automatic Syringe comes with calibrated barrels.

Original price was: ₦37,000.Current price is: ₦35,000.

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Product Features/Specification:

  • Weight -400 g.
  • Fowl Pox Automatic Vaccinator Syringe.
  • 0.1ml – 0.75ml Capacity calibration volume.
  • BRS Model.
  • Suitable For Drug and vaccine administration to livestock.


The Automatic precise Fowl-Pox Injector syringe changes the entire vaccination experience. It is a new generation of the pox vaccinators.

The Automatic Fowl-Pox Injector Vaccinator works to perform the vaccination of Fowl Pox on poultry birds. It prevents hand scratches with maximum success.

The Automatic Fowl-Pox Injector Vaccinator was designed to substitute the traditional and inconvenient method of vaccinating chickens, it is more precise, saves cost and easy to use.

This modern injector syringe helps prevent scratches on the hand, while it effectively delivers a highly reliable, clean, safe and efficient way to administering vaccination.

The Fowl Pox Vaccinator is mostly recommended for poultry and other small animals, due to its calibration, which is less than 1ml.

Advantages of Using the Automatic Fowl-Pox Injector:

  • It is very easy, the safest and cost-efficient pox syringe.
  • It gives exact precise delivery.
  • Application of the fowl-pox injector reduces disease and improves animal production.
  • Helps save and reduces manpower and labour.
  • Eliminates painful hand scratches.
  • It provides maximum comfort to the operator.
  • It economizes vaccines, as it eliminates vaccine wastage and saves vaccines costs.
  • Simplifies the vaccination process.
  • Available in 1cc or 2cc measurements.
  • It gives better auction and better absorption of the vaccine in the chicken. (5.0cc Capacity for more than 1000 shots).


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