Boost Xtra Liquid Fertilizer

Boost Xtra Liquid Fertilizer


Active ingredient:  Liquid fertilizer containing N:P:K in the ratio of 20:20:20 + Trace Element

Mode of Action : Foliar absorption. Used in both lowland and upland ecologies

Crops: Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Carrot, Cabbage, Onions, Pepper, Water Melon, Leafy Vegetables, Ornamentals and Nursery Trees.

Rate of Application: 3-4 litres/ha

Note: Apply foliarly when the crop as formed much leaves and repeat weekly for four times

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Boost xtra is a liquid fertilizer, it is a quick, effective way to nourish established plants in pots or in your garden! Liquid fertilizers go to work almost immediately, assuring continued, superlative growth and quick recovery for those that are tired and under-nourished. Our selection lets you find the right, well-balanced plant food — with important minerals, trace elements, enzymes and other important natural components — for your particular needs.

Advantages of Boost Xtra fertilizers

  • Economic advantage

    • Cost effective: Improve the economic wellbeing of growers and farmers in particular and the society in general.
  • Social advantage

    • No toxic effect: there is no any health hazard effect to human beings because there is no any toxicity effect.
  • Crop Productivity advantages

    • Controlled growth: does not over- stimulate to exceptional growth which can cause problems and require more work.
    • Enhance/ speed up the crops maturity date: it expedites new bud initiation and also maturity of plants by up to 10 days.
    • Other quality improvements on the crop: it improves head size and color/texture of leaves while also increasing vase life after flowers are cut.
    • Stronger plants and grass: a multipurpose liquid concentrate that promotes vigorous growth, increased root development and improved stress and disease tolerance.
    • For rapid uptake: Their small particle size and liquid formulations also allow for rapid uptake when applied directly to leaves (foliar feeding).
  • Soil related advantages

    • Better for the soil: provides organic matter essential for microorganisms. It is one of the building blocks for fertile soil which is rich in humus.
    • Nutrient release: slow and consistent at a natural rate that plants are able to use. Since microbes must break down the material no danger of over concentration of any element can be caused; and also it constitutes full of both macro and micro nutrients.
    • Trace minerals: typically present in a broad range, providing more balanced nutrition to the plant.
    • Open up the soil pores so that the soil microbes will multiply and begin to release nutrients, as crops use them.
    • Will not burn: safe for all plants with no danger of burning due to salt concentration.
    • Long lasting: doesn’t leach out since the organic matter binds to the soil particles where the roots have access to it.
    • Encourages soil life: Microbes convert the organic matter to the form of nutrients that plants need. Earthworms feeding on organic materials are eaten and loosen the soil.
    • Specific formulas: formulated in liquid form which enables it to percolate easily to the soil and can adapt to any application by changing the ingredient blend. Pre-blended formulas or individual items allow flexibility for plant preferences or needs.
  • Environmental advantage

    • Beneficial to the environment: it is free from any harmful residues or it will not cause pollution due to runoff from irrigation or rain. It is environmentally friendly and it addresses the requirements of eco friendly.

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