Chakra Nipple Drinkers with Saddle (For Poultry Birds)
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Chakra Nipple Drinkers with Saddle (For Poultry Birds)

Original price was: ₦450.Current price is: ₦370.

This Chakra nipple drinker comes with the saddle used to fit in the Chakra Nipple. It is a combination of stainless steel and durable high quality plastic material.


  • Extreme quality.
  • Fitted Nipples produced with German machinery.
  • Quality plastic material.
  • Stainless steel raw materials.
  • Helps in providing best hygienic drinking water option that lasts longer.
  • Guarantees adequate water delivery of water to your poultry birds.
  • Highly recommended for poultry birds raised both on the floor and cage (Broilers, Layers, and Breeders).

NB: This Chakra comes with a saddle used to attach the Chakra nipples to the PVC pipe that distributes water. We assume water is a flawless supply in your farm.


Original price was: ₦450.Current price is: ₦370.

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The Chakra nipple drinker is very essential in the production management of poultry. Therefore, there are factors that play important roles in the poultry production and health standard to maintain consistent productivity.

Factors includes:

  • Temperature of water supplied to bird.
  • Angle and positioning of water source for the birds (both on the floor and in cages).
  • The fitness of the nipple in the pipe.
  • Ease of nipple play in the pipe.
  • Leak proofing the pipe for good litter condition.
  • Easy installation and durability.

Why you should use our Chakra Nipple Drinking System Management (Chakra with Saddle):

  • It helps you to attain a very neat hygiene on your farm.
  • Water supplied to the poultry birds is very clean, as it cannot be contaminated because the water only drops when pecked by the poultry birds.
  • You are able to achieve growth uniformity amongst the poultry birds.
  • Your Poultry birds do not have to congregate or wonder around drinking trough.

Precaution and Use:

  • When using the Chakra nipples drinker for poultry birds on the floor, for a single piece of the nipple, eight (8) birds is recommended.
  • When used for poultry birds in a cage, you have to consider factors like your water requirement, type of poultry bird, and specification of cage.
  • Each piece of the nipple can conveniently serve 2 -4 chickens or more for cage birds.
  • You must make sure the Chakra Nipple drinkers is well distributed in the poultry farm.
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