Chakra Nipple Drinkers without Saddles (For Poultry Birds)
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Chakra Nipple Drinkers without Saddles (For Poultry Birds)

Original price was: ₦400.Current price is: ₦340.

Our Chakra Nipple Drinkers is designed to achieve optimum performance from your birds. As we know, it is highly important to provide fresh and clean drinking water for your poultry birds.


  • Guarantees clean and fresh water for the birds.
  • Free from contamination.
  • Easy reach for the birds for drinking.

Note: Minimum quantity order is 250 pieces.

Original price was: ₦400.Current price is: ₦340.

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Chakra Nipple Drinker is a portable little device designed to give water to poultry birds, to prevent messing around the poultry farm. When pecked at, the nipple drinker releases a few drops of water to the chicken.

Characteristics of the Chakra Nipple Drinker:

  • It is designed to minimize wasting water., this helps not to dampen beddings or litter the floor.
  • It is a great improvement over ordinary drinkers, which litters water drops all over the poultry house, when bumped by the poultry birds.
  • They come as ‘screw in’ fittings.

Benefits of Using the Chakra Nipple Drinker:

  • Helps in reducing water waste.
  • The Chakra Nipple drinker keeps water clean.
  • Reduces the possibility for bacterial growth.
  • It is very easy to use.

Training Poultry Birds to use a Water Nipple Drinker:

Younger poultry birds are likely to accept and adapt quickly to the new system of Nipple drinkers, while the older poultry birds tends to be slower in adapting to the change.

Although, If you can demonstrate to them how it works and perhaps have some of your poultry birds try it with your help, it wont take too long for your poultry birds are able to peck at the nipples.

Note that the best time of the year to actually try demonstrating your new drinking system, is in the cooler weather, because you wouldn’t want them all gasping for water. It is also a very good observation to watch your poultry birds for a while as you make sure sure they are getting accustomed to the new drinking style.

Precaution and Use:

  • Always check for possible leakages.
  • Make sure you follow the installation instruction carefully.
  • Always make sure, if you are drilling a hole, you drill to the the right size.
  • Be careful in handling and placing the nipple, so as not to damage the piece while inserting it.
  • You still need to keep the water fresh, by often replacing it.
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