Poultry Chicken Killing Cone (12 Cones)

Poultry Chicken Killing Cone (12 Cones)


Killing Cone are used to quickly and humanely dispatch/kill chickens at slaughter and restrain them from flapping and causing damage to meat quality.

Product Features

  • Durable metal design built to last
  • Mounting bracket with nail hole at the top of the cone
  • Funnel shape holds chickens securely
  • Helps preserve meat quality during slaughter
  • Heads pass through the bottom of the cone to bleed out
  • Big enough to fit larger sized chickens
Killing Cone


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Chicken Killing Cone is used to facilitate the slaughter of poultry, normally chicken, ducks, or geese. Such cones come in a number of different sizes to accommodate different-sized birds. The cone functions by holding a bird in place – a captive bird can be placed headfirst into the funnel so that the animal’s head hangs down through the small part of the funnel. The animal can then be bled (normally via an incision in the throat) more easily while the funnel contains any wing motions and facilitates the draining of blood. According to some sources, killing cones have the added benefit of inducing a sense of disorientation, relaxation, and euphoria in a captive bird as some birds exhibit tonic immobility when held upside down. Some killing cones have a clamp device attached to dislocate the neck of the bird before bleeding.

This method can be used for the slaughter of a small number of birds as the slaughter must be humane. The whole process from catching to the point of death must be performed in a controlled manner so that the birds are protected from any avoidable pain, distress, or suffering. Approaching the task in a confident, patient, calm, and quiet manner will produce the best outcome for both the bird and the user.

The killing cone consists of a restraining cone with a clamp device below to dislocate the neck. Although not ideal, this method can be used for the slaughter of small numbers of birds. The bird is placed in the cone with the head hanging below. Grip the neck in the clamp and firmly pull the handle down to dislocate the neck.

Chicken Killing Cone helps poultry producers and processing businesses to improve their services by slaughtering larger numbers of birds within shorter periods. It utilizes the action of putting birds upside down in stainless steel cones to slaughter which causes the blood to run to their heads, creating a sedating effect. Also, the “hugged” position of the chickens in the cones serves to calm their nerves.

Advantages of Poultry Killing Cone

  • Killing Cone is suitable for all types of poultry birds.
  • They make the slaughtering of birds easier and faster.

How to Use a Poultry Killing Cone

  • The bird should be placed in the cone with the head hanging below.
  • Grip the neck and slaughter the bird.
  • Check for signs that the bird is dead-feel the neck for a gap in the vertebrae;
  • Ensure the bird is not breathing/ensure there is no blink reaction if the eye is touched and that the pupil is dilated.
  • The bird can then be further processed.

Signs to Confirm if the Bird is Dead

  • Feel the neck for a gap in the vertebrae
  • Ensure the bird is not breathing
  • Ensure there is no blink reaction if the eye is touched and that the pupil is dilated.

Dimensions of product

  • 11.4″ W (at top opening)
  • 3.5″ W (at bottom opening)
  • 13.4″ H

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