Clip Nipple Drinkers For Poultry Birds -(Pack of 100 Pieces)
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Clip Nipple Drinkers For Poultry Birds -(Pack of 100 Pieces)

Original price was: ₦17,000.Current price is: ₦16,500.

Our Clip Nipple Drinker for poultry birds provides water access to the birds without wetting and littering the poultry house.

It is used for all kinds of poultry birds like broilers, layers, pullets, breeders etc.

Package: A pack contains 100 nipple clips.

Note: Our Nipple clip is 3/4 inches, therefore you will need a a PVC pipe of 3/4 inches for installing the Nipple clip.


Original price was: ₦17,000.Current price is: ₦16,500.

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Our Clip Nipple Drinkers with clip makes your birds feel healthy with clean and fresh water regularly. This allows your poultry birds to grow well and layers lay more eggs. Hence, the nipple drinking system supplies your birds with clean water, which improves the hygienic environment of the poultry environment.

Direction and Use:

  • Once purchased, the only thing to do is to attach this product (nipple drinker with clip), to the PVC pipe, which you would already connect to a water supply source. Afterwards, the poultry birds are able to peck on the tip of the nipple, which allows them the ability to drink water.
  • Make sure the water is from a clean source.
  • Because poultry birds are always attracted to bright colours and materials, it is easy for them to peck at the shiny nipple tip. From that, they will eventually realize its a source of water.

Uses of the Clip Nipple Drinker:

  • It can be used for layers, broilers of all ages.
  • It can for both cages and floor raised poultry birds.
  • About 3-4 poultry birds in a cage can use one clip nipple drinker and about 8 poultry birds in deep litter (floor) rearing system.
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