Complete Drip Irrigation Kit

Complete Drip Irrigation Kit


Drip irrigation system delivers water to the crop using a network of mainlines, sub-mains and lateral lines with emission points spaced along their lengths. Each dripper/emitter, orifice supplies a measured, precisely controlled uniform application of water, nutrients, and other required growth substances directly into the root zone of the plant.

Water and nutrients enter the soil from the emitters, moving into the root zone of the plants through the combined forces of gravity and capillary. In this way, the plant’s withdrawal of moisture and nutrients are replenished almost immediately, ensuring that the plant never suffers from water stress, thus enhancing quality, its ability to achieve optimum growth and high yield.

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Drip irrigation provides a smart and cost-effective way of saving water, promoting plant growth, preventing fungi and diseases and providing many other benefits. The drip irrigation kits available at farmsquare are the fastest, easiest way to bring drop irrigation to your farm, garden or landscape, whether you have a few potted plants to look after or run a large farming operation.

Every drip irrigation system kit comes with all you need for the type of farming you’re practicing . For example, if you’re looking for drip irrigation for your raised beds, our kits will have you covered to your plants from your faucet.

We have greenhouse indoor kits and grow houses as well as outdoor kits that can water everything from one single plant to the row crops.

Advantages of Drip irrigation

Fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to a localized application and reduced leaching.

  • Water application efficiency is high if managed correctly.
  • Field leveling is not necessary.
  • Fields with irregular shapes are easily accommodated.
  • Recycled non-potable water can be safely used.
  • Moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity.
  • Soil type plays a less important role in the frequency of irrigation.
  • Soil erosion is lessened.
  • Weed growth is lessened.
  • Water distribution is highly uniform, controlled by the output of each nozzle.
  • Labour cost is less than other irrigation methods.
  • Variation in supply can be regulated by regulating the valves and drippers.
  • Fertigation can easily be included with minimal waste of fertilizers.
  • Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease.
  • Usually operated at lower pressure than other types of pressurized irrigation, reducing energy costs.
  • Component of Drip Irrigation Kit 

  • Major Components of Drip Irrigation System


    Pump station.


    By-pass assembly


    Control valves


    Filtration system


    Fertilizer tank /Venturi


    Pressure gauge


    Mains / Sub-mains




    Emitting devices


    Micro tubes

    Pump station takes water from the source and provides the right pressure for delivery into the pipe system.

    Control valves control the discharge and pressure in the entire system.

    Filtration system cleans the water. Common types of filter include screen filters and graded sand filters which remove fine material suspended in the water.

    Fertilizer tank/venturi slowly add a measured dose of fertilizer into the water during irrigation. This is one of the major advantages of drip irrigation over other methods.

    Mainlines, submains and laterals supply water from the control head into the fields. They are usually made from PVC or polyethylene hose and should be buried below ground because they easily degrade when exposed to direct solar radiation. Lateral pipes are usually 13-32 mm diameter.

    Emitters or drippers are devices used to control the discharge of water from the lateral to the plants. They are usually spaced more than 1 metre apart with one or more emitters used for a single plant such as a tree. For row crops more closely spaced emitters may be used to wet a strip of soil. Many different emitter designs have been produced in recent years. The basis of design is to produce an emitter which will provide a specified constant discharge which does not vary much with pressure changes, and does not block easily.

  • Crops suitable for Drip Irrigation System


    Orchard Crops Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Orange,
    Citrus, Mango, Lemon, Custard Apple, Sapota,
    Guava, Pineapple, Coconut, Cashewnut,
    Papaya, Aonla, Litchi, Watermelon,
    Muskmelon etc.


    Vegetables Tomato, Chilly, Capsicum, Cabbage,
    Cauliflower, Onion, Okra, Brinjal, Bitter Gourd,
    Ridge Gourd, Cucumber, Peas, Spinach,
    Pumpkin etc.


    Cash Crops Sugarcane, Cotton. Arecanut, Strawberry etc.


    Flowers Rose, Carnation, Gerbera, Anthurium,
    Orchids, Jasmine, Dahilia, Marigold etc.


    Plantation Tea, Rubber, Coffee, Coconut etc.


    Spices Turmeric, Cloves, Mint etc,


    Oil Seed Sunflower, Oil palm, Groundnut etc.


    Forest Crops Teakwood, Bamboo etc.

100 Sq. Mtr, 200 Sq. Mtr, 500 Sq. Mtr, 1000 Sq. Mtr, 2500 Sq. Mtr, 4000 Sq. Mtr

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