Cucumber Seed Marketmore 100g
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Cucumber Seed Marketmore 100g

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  • Marketmore cucumbers are a very popular and productive cucumber variety.- Fruits grow 8″-9″ long and 2″ across.- Smooth and dark green skin.- This is one of our best selling cucumber varieties.- Easy to grow.

    – Excellent flavor.

  • Day to Maturity | 55 days
  • Cucumber Seeds | Grow cucumbers where a long, warm growing season, minimum 65 days, can be assured. Plant seeds where there is ample space and vines can sprawl, the simplest way is to plant cucumbers in hills.
Cucumber Seed Marketmore 100g

Original price was: ₦8,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

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Marketmore cucumber is an early maturing and very productive variety, it has good resistance to diseases and it is suitable for growing outdoors. It produces great number of straight dark green fruits, of more than 20 cm. They have a thin, smooth and soft skin, with a firm and crunchy inner with few seeds. It is a variety of very good flavor without the bitterness of other cucumbers. It’s a cool, crisp and very mild flavour. Cucumber Marketmore is resistant to mildew, powdery mildew and tolerant to cucumber mosaic virus.

Grow cucumbers where a long, warm growing season, minimum 65 days, can be assured. Cucumbers are a warm-season crop, very tender to frost and light freezing. Cucumbers are difficult to grow where there are foggy, damp summers, as the plants are subject to mildews.

We mustn’t plant different varieties of cucumber together because they can cross-pollinate and the fruits of all plants would be bitter. We must always keep them well watered, especially during times of drought and always in full sun. The marketmore cucumber plant is like a creeper, so you will need to put a guide of about 1.5 m, so it can be grown in pots. We can also let the plant creeps along the ground, but we must leave a gap of almost 2 m between plants and when the fruits grow, put up a stand to prevent touching the ground, because they could rot.

Cucumber is usually eaten raw, in salads and sandwiches or as a garnish. Other forms of use is pickled, baked, or sauteed with other vegetables.

Cucumber is very moisturizing because it contains 90% water and it is ideal for weight loss diets, it helps to eliminate toxins. It combats sun damage because it helps control the acidity of the skin. It is a source of vitamins (A, B, C, E and K) phytonutrients, flavonoids, potassium, magnesium and silicon. It fights diabetes, lowers cholesterol and controls blood pressure. It prevents oral diseases and eliminates bad breath. It improves growth of hair and nails. It improves joint health. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties.

It is advisable to plant it near garlic, onions, cabbage, turnips, peas, beans, lettuce, corn, borage and dill. However we must not plant potatoes, pumpkin and tomatoes and other herbs.

You can choose as many varieties of cucumber HERE.

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