Dizengoff Knapsack Sprayer-16L

Dizengoff Knapsack Sprayer-16L


Knapsack sprayer is a 16 litres container with a manual hand pump and spraying mechanism from dizengoff . it is suitable for garden watering, fumigation of homes and industrial uses. Durable and general purpose spraying. A sprayer is a tool that will spray liquid materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or even water. A sprayer used in this way will need to be able to calibrate for those materials (fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) that are being applied.

Knapsack Features:

  • It is made from plastic.
  • Size: 16L
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Colour: Green


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Dizengoff Knapsack Sprayer

Widely used in agriculture, this is carried on the back. A frame or shield prevents contact between the tank and the back. It is a continuous type of sprayer with a fairly constant discharge rate. The person maintains pressure in the tank by pumping air with a lever with one hand and directing the spray lance with the other. If the sprayer is fitted with a spray control valve, continuous pumping may not be necessary. The knapsack sprayer can be used for spraying breeding sites with larvicides but should not be used for residual wall-spraying

Dizengoff Knapsack Sprayers can be used for chemicals such as fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. They are designed and manufactured effectively to suit your farming activities. We guarantee standards and durability capable enough to withstand challenging climate conditions.


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Manual Dizengoff Knapsack Sprayer Contains:

  • 16-liter Polyethylene tank
  • Pumping lever
  • Piston Pump
  • Brass chamber and Adjustable Strap


Product Features

  • The tank is curved to fit the operator’s back for improved comfort.
  • The sprayer is fitted with a strong base for increased stability and protection when placed on the ground.
  • The sprayer features a pump lever that connects to a pump rod that lifts and then pushes the brass piston up and down in a straight line inside the tank, reducing the potential for operator exposure to chemicals.
  • This added leverage reduces operator pumping fatigue and wear on the dual Viton piston cups.
  • The internal piston pump design allows for paddle agitation with each stroke of the pump for constant mixing of your agri-chemicals.
  • The pump handle locks to the pump rod, and the wand to the pump handle, for neat and clutter-free storage.
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