Agricultural pH Meter -pH 2011 Pen Type pH Meter
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Agricultural pH Meter -pH 2011 Pen Type pH Meter


Agricultural pH Meter is a unique pH-2011 pen-type meter that has features of ATC, Backlight display and a resolution of 0.01pH. It comes with both a 250ml solution buffer powder of pH 4.01@25 C and pH 6.86@25 C. It has an adjustment trimmer with indicators for the immersion level and electrode.

The electrode has been used in particularly tasking conditions, where the utmost accuracy is required.

Product Specification and Features

  • ATC
  • Backlight Display
  • Resolution: 0.01pH
  • Adjustment Trimmer
  • Range: 0.00-14.00pH
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1pH
  • Battery: 4 x 1.5 V (AG -13)
  • Temperature conpensation: 0 degree cent – 50 degree cent
  • Operating Conpensation: 0 degree cent – 50 degree cent
  • Dimensions: 151mm x 33mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 53g.
Agricultural PH Meter


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Agricultural pH Meter. Soil pH can influence how well your crops grow. The balance of acid-forming nutrients and alkaline-forming nutrients can influence root development, microbial activity, fungi, symbiotic nitrogen fixation by legumes and the availability of nutrients. Our meters enable you to monitor pH levels to ensure an ideal pH is maintained.

Other uses of a pH meter in agriculture include:

  • Measuring plant leaf sap pH
  • Measuring foliar and hydroponic fertilizers
  • Measuring pH of rain and irrigation water
  • Testing pH of crop juices

Operations and How to Use the pH Meter

  • Remove the protective gap.
  • First, clean the electrode with distilled water and suck it with filter paper.
  • Turn on pH meter by “ON-OFF” switch, located at the top of the battery case.
  • Immerge the pH meter electrode in solution up till the immersion level. Under no circumstances immerse above the display level.
  • Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.
  • After use, switch it off.
  • Use the distilled water to clean the electrode and replace the protective cap.

How to Calibrate the pH Meter

  • Immerse the electrode in pH 6.86 (under the temperature of 25 degrees) standard buffer solution of phosphate, and gently shake the electrode.
  • Regulate the trimmer with a screwdriver until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.
  • Use the distilled water to clean the electrode.
  • Immerse the electrode in pH4.01 of pH9.18 the standard buffer solution of borax.
  • After about one minute, until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.

How to Install and Replace the Battery

  • If the display of meter fades, to replace all of the batteries, pull out the battery case and replace the batteries.
  • Pay attention to the polarity of the battery.


This instrument pH range must be re-calibrated whenever the electrode has been used (laid) for a long time from the last calibration.

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