Greenhouse structure 10m×50m
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Greenhouse structure 10m×50m


Greenhouse is an enclosed structure with a solariq cover and a side net where vegetables are planted.

Dimensions: 10M * 50M

Materials: Solariq cover, Iron rods, Nets

Bonus: A complete drip irrigation kit and 50,000 naira worth of seeds of your choice.


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Greenhouse farming is a  type of farming that involves growing your crops under a controlled or enclosed protected environment. This type of farming helps to keep out pest and diseases and also protect the crops from adverse weather conditions. The materials used are majorly glass or nets. They are sometimes called glasshouse or screenhouse.

Screenhouse farming also enables farmers to cultivate crops which they would ordinarily be unable to cultivate because of the climatic or weather condition in their locations. In greenhouse farming, humidity and temperature can be controlled. It is also possible to control the amount of water passed to crops in greenhouse farming.

Advantages of greenhouse farming

  • A screenhouse needs a small size of land, despite this; it can yield far more than open field cultivation. A small sized greenhouse standing on one eight of a plot of land can have a yield commensurate with an open field farm on 1 acre of farmland.
  • The screenhouse guards crops against pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions.
  • The screenhouse can allow farmers to practice integrated pest management.
  • A typical screenhouse has a higher yield of crop than open field farming.
  • There is efficiency in the use of water and nutrients in a screenhouse as compared to open field cultivation.
  • The Returns on Investment (ROI) on screenhouses are typically higher than open field farming.

Disadvantages of screenhouse farming

  • A greenhouse is expensive to acquire.
  • The farmer needs good skills and competences in order to run a greenhouse.


Other components of a screenhouse include:  Drip irrigation, Plastic mulch,  Grow bags, Pollinators, and a  planting media like coco peat  etc.


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