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Chick Guard

Chick Guard


Chick Guard

Chick guard is used for assembling chicks in a circular partition.  It is used in the brooding stage of the chick(1-10days) to prevent chicks from wandering off from the heat supply. It should be used until the chicks can produce the heat by themselves.

Product Feature

    • Equipment Use: Brooding
    • Material: Durable Plastic
    • Size(L*H): 24 feet*15 inches
    • Packaging: 1 roll plus stand/support
    • chick capacity: 300-350 chicks

Chick Guard


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Chick guard is used to assemble chicks in a round partition during the brooding stage of chicks. It prevents the chick from wandering off from the heat source and prevents draft air from reaching the chicks. Therefore, its use should be continued until the chicks can produce the heat by themselves.

Benefits of Proper Brooding

  • Provides a conducive environment for rapid growth and metabolic activities.
  • Ensures low mortality level during the first 2 weeks of life
  • Enables chick to reach the target body weight at 5 weeks.
  • Good weight and growth uniformity among birds from the beginning
  • To have a well-built body frame, development of vital organs as well as a well-developed immune system
    •  Features of Chick Guard

    • It is made of quality and durable plastic.
    • Better durability than conventional guards
    • It can be washed, rolled, and moved.
    • Use provided stand/support to provide stability
    • An overhead lamp and heat source can be easily adapted over the set-up
    • It shields chicks from potential injury.
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