Local Grower Feeders | Chicken Feeders

Local Grower Feeders | Chicken Feeders


This plastic local grower feeder ensures the availability of food for your poultry birds. It saves you the stress of feeding chickens everyday and reduces the possibility of feed contamination.


Minimizes spillage.
Easy to clean and fill/refill.
Rust-proof to prevent feed waste and overcrowding.
Material: Plastic.
Capacity: 5 – 10 kg at a time.


Local Grower Feeder


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Local Grower Feeders

Local grower feeders are very important in raising poultry chickens. So, providing them with reliable feeders allow for easy access to feed at any time. Therefore, farmers can rest and leave the birds for more hours at a time without the need to replace their feed.

Use and Precaution:

Putting feed in the top of the feeder will result in automatic spillage into the outer rim in the required proportion because of gravity.

Product Features:

Material: Plastic.
Capacity: 5-10 kg at a time and can serve about 14 birds at once.

Characteristics and Benefits of the Local Grower Feeder:

This feeder can hold 5-10 kg of feed and therefore serves about 14 birds at a time.
This feeder has bright colors of red and white. As a result, birds are attracted for feeding.
It is easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free.
It is durable and cheap.
This feeder can be recycled.
Farmers can easily assemble the feeder.
The feeder is resistant to corrosion. This is because of best plastic quality.

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