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Nipple Drinkers for Pigs
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Nipple Drinkers for Pigs

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Nipples drinkers are used for a sufficient supply of clean drinking water to pigs.

Product Features:

  • Unlimited access to water.
  • Clean and uncontaminated water.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Easy to mount on the wall.

Note: Above price is for a piece.


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Nipples drinkers are used for a sufficient supply of clean drinking water to pigs. It’s main advantages include;

  • Nipple drinkers are a cost-effective solution for clean drinking water and reduce contamination.
  • To minimize water losses, the right height is important.
  • When drinking, the pig’s head should be inclined upwards so that the water flows directly into the pig’s mouth. This is why the nipples are placed at different heights in piglet rearing and finishing.

To meet the different market demands, we have included a variety of nipple drinkers and the corresponding tubes in its product range. Among these are:

  • high-pressure nipples for sows;
  • high- and low-pressure nipples for piglets;
  • high- and low-pressure nipples for growing and final finishing;
  • vacuum trough floating tubes.

Optionally available are drink­ing tubes with guard, which may also be retrofitted. The guard keeps the pigs from getting hurt at the nipple drinker, for example when moving out ready-for-slaughter finishing pigs.

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