Plastic Egg Crates for Transportation
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Plastic Egg Crates for Transportation


Quick Details: Plastic  Crates
Material:       Plastic
Style:             Mesh
Foldable:      No
Place of Origin:    Shandong, China
Name:  plastic egg crate high quality plastic crate for produce
Keyword:   crate
Size:  500*380*290mm or other size
OEM: Available
Colour: Blue,red crate, Other Color Available
Feature: Recycled
Usage:  Food,Pharmaceutical,Rubber,Electronics
material: HDPE/PP

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Plastic egg crates ensures your eggs are protected during transporting of large quantities, either to the market or hatcheries, cracked eggs leads to loose of profits for the farmers.  Our  plastic egg crates for transportation is made of virgin high impact PP material, anti-oxydant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, materials.  It is very  durable and will last for several years.


Special design give the crates two ways of stacking. Firstly, when eggs are loaded, these crates have a top-and-bottom interlocking system to stack crates on top of each other. Can easily stack to 7+ layers, save a lot of precious storage space, Secondly, when the crates are eggs free and you need to store the crates themselves somewhere, turn 180° to avoid the locking system, 50% space is instantly saved.

With almost 50% open area these egg crates provide superior ventilation to keep eggs fresh during storage and transportation. Inner handle design let you easily stack-move the crates with or without eggs loaded. This egg crate is fully compatible with our high quality plastic egg tray, prevent egg breakage in storage and transportion. Also applicable for vegetable fruits storage and transportation. HDPE plastic is lightweight but tough enough to use in extreme temperatures. Plastic chicken egg crates are maintenance-free and will not corrode like metal cages due to smooth,easy-to-clean surface that will resist stringent detergents, disinfectants or poultry waste.

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