Agricultural Shade Net for Greenhouse
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Agricultural Shade Net for Greenhouse

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shade net is generally a synthetic fiber net made up of HDPE plastic, which reduces the intensity of direct sunlight according to the necessity of crops or others. … Poultry farming, commercial farming, and sedentary farming are also done under shade nets.


Size: 2M x 50M,

Shade intensity: 50% shade

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Shade nets are used used to reduce the intensity of sunlight on crops. A lot of crops have issues with the excessive heating natural sunlight can cause on their productivity. Excessive sunlight can create heat which can be detrimental to the development and fruiting of some crops. Shade nets can be used for the cultivation of any type of crops. In Nigeria, this type of net is used for the cultivation of strawberry, tomato, kale, pepper, cucumbers and a host of other crops. Shade nets are used by some smart farmers in Nigeria to significantly improve their yields and productivity . Shade net farming is gaining ground in Nigeria now.

Shade nets are cloth like and made of 100% polyethylene. The shade net is used for covering screen houses and can be used as a climate controller or stabilizer. Some types of shade nets have anti-fungal property. The high density polyethylene used in the manufacturing of shade nets make it very durable and long lasting.

Categories of shade nets 

Shadenets can be categorized based on their colour and shade intensity.

Based on shade intensity: Shade nets are categorized according to how they can cut down the intensity of sunlight. There are 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 80% shading.

Based on colour: blue, red, green , black  and purple shade nets.


  • For growing crops in  a greenhouse/screen house
  • Shade nets are used in the building of animal houses like poultry pen, goat hen and other animal husbandry buildings.
  • Shade nets can be used for insect control on farm
  • They can be used for nursery
  • They can be used for production of graft saplings
  • They can be used for bird control on farms




2m x 50m; 60% Shade

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