Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine

Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine


Product specifications

  1. Power source: Gasoline
  2. Type: power tiller
  3. Transmission: Chain driving
  4. Fuel consumption (g/kw.h): 395
  5. Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 liters

Product features

  1. The handrail is adjustable.
  2.  Suitable for the various working environments:
  3.  Multi-function: The machine can be replaced with different tools to complete a variety of tasks.
  4.  Simple structure, easy to clean, and store.
  5.  360 degree automatic steering, can be sure. It is convenient and convenient for the farmer to complete any angle work.
Per Fuel Usage
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Choose an option
Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine – Per Fuel Usage: For Diesel
Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine – Per Fuel Usage: For Petrol
Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine
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Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine


Power Tiller is a walking tractor widely used for rotary or revolving cultivation in wet puddle soil. For small & marginal farmers. A Power Tiller is the best choice because it replaces the animal power more effectively & helps in raising demand for human labor.

Soil tillers:

In agricultural farming involving crop cultivation, soil preparation stands the foremost requirement. Soil preparation involves various processes such as cutting through the earth’s crust, turning the soil layers to the surface, breaking the soil lumps and pulverizing the soil, etc. The tiller is a farm implement used individually or in combination with tractors for pulverizing the soil.

Functions of Power Tiller 9hp | Gasoline and Diesel Engine


  1.  It helps in preparing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seeds, adding & spraying the fertilizers, herbicides & water.
  2.  It also helps in pumping water, harvesting, threshing & transporting crops.
  3.  It is a perfect tool for pre-planting land preparation as well as many other tasks during the gardening seasons.
  4.  They are suitable for various working environments including dry land, paddy fields, orchards, plains, mountains, and hills.
  5.  It allows farmers to adequately prepare their farmland for subsequent planting to increase yield and crop productivity.
  6.  It is suitable for paddy fields, upland plains, dry land, orchards, mountain and hilly areas, plows, rotary tillage, threshing, etc.

Importance of Power Tiller Engine to farmers

    1. They have made agricultural land soil preparation works simple and less labour-intensive.
    2.  They are very economical in terms of running costs.
    3.  Time spent on soil preparation and post-harvesting preparation greatly reduce in contrast with the manual cultivating methods.
    4.  The usage of tillers with tractors in small to large agricultural fields has reduced the resource and money spent per unit area of land.
    5.  Increased utilization of tillers for various agricultural purposes has led the small economic farms to get more profit out of their lands and contributes to   the overall growth of the agricultural enterprise.


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Per Fuel Usage

For Petrol, For Diesel

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