Tecnokel Calcium Bio-Stimulant Organic Fertilizer -1L
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Tecnokel Calcium Bio-Stimulant Organic Fertilizer -1L


Tecno calcium bio-stimulant is used in preventing and correction of calcium deficiency in plants. This product also helps in improving the texture of the skin and elongate the post-harvest life of the fruits harvested. It contributes calcium to the most demanding crops avoiding the pathophysiological effects of its deficiency in the plant. It improves the texture of the skin and prolongs the post-harvest life of the fruits harvested.

Product Features:

  • Package size: 1L
  • Nutrient Composition: Calcium
  • Brand: AgricTecno


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What is a Bio-stimulant:

A plant bio-stimulant is any substance or microorganism, applied to plants, seeds or the root environment to stimulate natural processes of plants benefiting nutrient use efficiency to abiotic stress, regardless of its nutrient content, or any combination of such substances and/or microorganisms intended for this use.

Abiotic stresses, such as drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures, are responsible for huge crop losses globally. In order to prevent these losses, biostimulants are increasingly being integrated into production systems with the goal of modifying physiological processes in plants to optimize productivity

Product Description

Tecnokel  Calcium is a  Bio-stimulant that contains specially developed adjuvant for better adhesion to the leaf surface, improved absorption, and prolonged action. It also enables soluble calcium necessary for cell wall resistance of plants. Tecnokel calcium also helps in improving quality and shelf life as well as increasing the proportion of marketable produce.

Benefits of using Tecnokel calcium bio-stimulant

  • Tecnokel calcium bio-stimulant reduce the need for fertilizers and increase plant growth, resistance to water and abiotic stresses.
  • They are efficient enabling the good performance of the plant’s vital processes, thus creating high yields and good quality products.
  • Tecnokel calcium bio-stimulants applied to plants helps in improving nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and/or plant quality traits, irrespective of its nutrient contents.
  • It helps to improve the translocation of calcium and boron in plants.

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