STARCH LINE: Fully Automated End-End Cassava Starch Processing Plant

STARCH LINE: Fully Automated End-End Cassava Starch Processing Plant

Built by: Niji Lukas

Fully Automated End-End Cassava Starch Processing Plant

The fully automated end-end cassava starch processing plant is used to process cassava tubers into high quality cassava starch, which is useful for both food and as raw materials for various industrial manufacturing purposes e.g. Sweetener, glucose, gum, paper, pharmaceutical, textiles etc.

This is capable of producing between 10-100 tons/day of high quality cassava starch depending on buyers’ size request specification. It is available on order from one of our partners (Niji lukas).

The plant integrates a mechanical peeler, grater, Mechanical sieve, hydro-cyclone, pile- centrifuge and flash dryer.

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Fully Automated End-End Cassava Starch Processing Plant

Cassava is a widely gown crop with different varieties in Africa. it has an advantage of easy-growing and high yield. The cassava roots contain a high amount of starch content between 20%-32%.  It is the best choice for starch processing technology. Cassava starch machine processes raw cassava roots/tubers into high quality food grade cassava starch.

The starch line equipment parts contacted with material are stainless steel to prevent cassava from corrosion.

Fully automated Cassava starch processing machine grater crushes cassava in high efficiency. Enough starch is extracted and get high yield of final starch is gotten.

The centrifuge sieve applies horizontal type, rotating speed and huge capacity. Fibers separate completely. The machine applies automatic control-back cleaning system, which guarantee the machine run steadily in a long time.

Disc separator and Hydro cyclone technology: It gives thorough separation of protein, high working capacity and stable good quality for final starch.

Drying process controls interlocking system. It keeps input capacity and inlet temperature in appropriate rate. This special design gives stable moisture content of final starch.

High automation of the cassava starch production line is feasible for online monitoring.

The whole process of high quality cassava starch production is full-closed system. It makes cassava free of air, oxidation and final starch whiteness.

No chemical needed in the process, and won’t generate harmful gas or substance. Final starch meets world health standards.

The starch plant produces up to 100 tons/day of high quality cassava starch depending on facility size.

The chat flow of an automated starch line.

The improved technology cassava starch production line process includes;

Fresh cassava – Peeling and Cleaning – Crushing/Grating – Centrifuge sieving – Fine fiber sieving – Concentration and Hydrocyclone refining – Dehydration/Dewatering -Flash drying – Screening – Packaging.

Mechanical peeler: The cassava is peeled systematically to reduce wastage and remove stones, sand or soil from the cassava tuber by peeling it.

Grater: It blends cassava into slurry. It brings the starch out from the cassava. With our advanced technology, this machine can bring about 98% starch out from the cassava.

Sieving: This is to remove the sand, residues and milk from the wet starch. The excess fibers are extracted from the cassava slurry.

  • Hydro-cyclone: Washes and purifies starch by the extraction of protein content. This refines, concentrate and whiten the starch.
  • Pile centrifuge: Dewatering the starch into cake form. It removes the water in the starch milk. After dewatering, the water content of wet starch will be about 40%.
  • Flash dryer: The semi dried starch dries into powder using hot steam. This reduced the wet starch of 40% to 13% water dry starch.
  • Screening section: To make sure all the starch is in uniform fineness.
  • Packaging: This is to pack the dry starch in bags of 50kg/bag
  • Automated Starch Line:
  • Raw material: carbon steel, Stainless steel.
  • Capacity: Production of between 10-100 tonnes/day of high quality cassava starch depending on the starch line facility size.
  • Usage: Starch processing.
  • Factory Installation;
  • We will help to build the starch plant, which will take about 60 days to install the whole production line, as our engineers will be sent to your site to help with the installation.
  • After-sales Service:  We offer free training, maintenance and consulting services after installation.
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