Heating Lamp (Pigs, Livestock and brooding birds)
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Heating Lamp (Pigs, Livestock and brooding birds)

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The heating lamp provides a warm source of heat for growing animals (lambs, goat kids, chickens, piglets, ducks, puppies) or cold/convalescing animals. The heating lamp is a strong, safe, and protective wire-guard, protected power cord, and sturdy metal hanging chains.

Product Features:

  • Made with glass-reinforced plastic that is resistant to high temperatures.
  • Wire-grill attachment keeps animals from damaging the bulb.
  • Uses standard infrared (heat) bulbs, thus saves electric energy costs, thereby reducing production costs and complying with environmental sustainability requirements.
  • Regular light/heat supply for juvenile livestock to keep warm as well as feed.
  • It is very reliable with little maintenance required.
  • Improves animal comfort and performance.

Note: Heating lamps can be used for brooding birds, pigs, pets, and other kinds of livestock.

Heating Lamp (Pigs, Livestock and brooding birds)

Original price was: ₦26,000.Current price is: ₦24,000.

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Heating Lamp

These lamps have traditionally been used to provide a constant, localized heat source to animals from birth. Recently, heating lamps have been used to improve energy efficiency and possibly animal comfort. For instance, when piglets are subjected to a comfortable heat source, they display normal, or perhaps natural, behavior. Conversely, if the piglets are exposed to an inadequate heating source (hot or cold), their normal behavior would be forced to change to adapt to the less desirable environment.

Piglets at birth should be provided with a 32~35°C (90~95°F) thermal environment and decreased to 30~31°C
(86~88°F) at three weeks of age.

A heating lamp is needed at an ideal temperature in every pig house. Ideal house temperatures have a substantial influence on pig/livestock health and performance. Adequate heating systems are therefore required in our climate zones. The overall goal is to maximize the thermal yield and transfer it to the pigs in the best possible way to keep energy costs as low as possible.

Note: Heating lamps can be used for brooding birds, pigs, pets, and other kinds of livestock.

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