High Quality Cassava Stems

High Quality Cassava Stems

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Over a thousand acres of disease-free cassava stems for sale in various varieties. The varieties include TME 419, TME581, TMS1632  and yellow cassava (vitamin A fortified).  They are high yielding cassava stems. Cassava production depends on the supply of quality stem cuttings.  They can give an average yield of up to 20-40 tons/ha depending on the variety.


  • The minimum number of bundles you can buy is 50 bundles.
  • For safe delivery, stems are cut into planting sizes and packaged in huge sacks.
  • Extra cost may apply to labour and package materials.
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High Quality Cassava Stems
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 High Quality Cassava Stems for Sale Online

Are you looking for the best cassava varieties to improve your yields? At FarmSquare.ng, we offer top-grade cassava stems for sale online in Nigeria. Browse our selection of TME 419, TME 581, TMS 1632 and Vitamin A yellow cassava stems freshly harvested from our farms.

Why Choose Our Cassava Cuttings?

  • TME 419 – This high-yielding variety produces over 35 tons per hectare. It is resistant to cassava mosaic disease and cassava bacterial blight. TME 419 matures fast in 18-24 months.
  • TME 581 – With potential yields of over 45 tons per hectare, this is our highest-yielding cassava. It has excellent resistance to major diseases. TME 581 matures in 18-24 months.
  • TMS 1632 – This variety combines high yields with early maturity in just 12-15 months. It produces over 25 tons per hectare. TMS 1632 has good resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Yellow Cassava – Our vitamin-A enriched yellow cassava contains high levels of beta-carotene to fight malnutrition. It yields over 32 tons per hectare and matures in 18-24 months.

Our cassava stems are harvested fresh to order and carefully packaged to maintain viability during delivery. We ensure premium quality cuttings for maximum yields.

Growing Tips for Cassava Varieties

Prepare your soil well by plowing and harrowing to improve drainage and aeration. Make mounds or ridges 2 feet apart and plant the cassava stems horizontally or at an angle. Space the cuttings 3 feet apart. Ensure proper weed control and fertilization. Harvest mature cassava roots 18-24 months after planting.

To plant cassava, push into the soil the end of the piece of stem that was nearer to the ground.

Plant the cuttings in mounds or ridges. Plant when the soil is quite wet, after the beginning of the rainy season. Plant the cuttings either straight or slanting. Push them well into the earth, leaving only 2 or 3 buds above ground.
Cassava cuttings may be planted straight or slating.
Press the earth well down around the cuttings.  Then the roots that develop will be well nourished by the soil.
Usually, the rows are 1 to 1.5 meters apart, and the plants are 1 meter apart.
With this spacing, there are between 7,000 and 10,000 cassava plants in the hectare.

But the number of cuttings to the hectare varies with the region, soil, and variety.. If cassava is planted at the right density, the yield is heavy; the roots occupy all the soil, and fewer weeds
grow so that fewer cultivation is needed.

Don’t risk your harvest with poor-quality stems. Order our fresh disease-free cassava cuttings today and increase your yields. Buy online safely and conveniently on FarmSquare.ng. Call or chat with us if you have any questions!

High-Quality Cassava Stems…

Cassava cultivation has become a widespread crop in Africa, with Nigeria being the highest producer of cassava in the world, driven by increasing awareness of its health, nutritional, and industrial benefits. Cassava is an important crop, as the roots are processed into starch, cassava flour, fufu and garri.

Cassava serves as a raw material in the production of garri, fufu, high quality cassava flour, starch etc. These finished food products fufu and garri, are not just a staple food in Nigeria but also a daily meal. It constitutes a daily meal to over 150 million people worldwide. They are popular West African food. It could be compared to what potato flour is to Westerners. You cannot claim to have eaten any West African food without having eaten Garri or Fufu.

Cassava also can be processed into flour. Used as raw materials for confectioneries and other baking uses, while starch serves as raw materials for pharmaceuticals, food production, cosmetics production, etc.

Cassava is propagated through its stem. This has therefore increased the demand for cassava stem for its commercial production, with about 7 million hectares being planted with cassava, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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TME419, TME581, Yellow cassava, TME1632

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    Thank you. I got my stems delivered to me.

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    Even though my goods got to me late at night. Happy my stems are complete an all intact. Welldone farmsquare.

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    Very bad experience. I have not received the order till date. I visited ABC Parcel Service at Owerri today and the order is still on transit from IBADAN for the past 10 days.

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