Hyla Mature Broiler Rabbits (Mature and Weaners)

Hyla Mature Broiler Rabbits (Mature and Weaners)


This pure breed of mature Hyla Broiler colony consists of Five Rabbits (2 males and 3 females), between 16-20 weeks old. These species are reared and grown for commercial purposes. It can be bred for meat as they are genetically modified broiler rabbits bred to have fast growth and reach a table size within 3 months at a weight of 2kg. These rabbits are characterized by rapid maturation. They are mated at 4.5 months.

Product Features:

  • Bred for meat
  • Mainly for commercial purpose.
  • Table size weight of 2kg
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Hyla Mature Broiler Rabbits
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Hyla Mature Broiler Rabbits

Hyla rabbit is a pure white-coloured rabbit with pink eyes and is genetically modified to have fast growth and reach a table size within 3 months (2kg).


Hyla mature broiler rabbits offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Fast growth: Hyla broiler rabbits are bred for fast growth, reaching a market weight of 2kg in just 3 months. This makes them a very efficient source of meat production.
  • High feed conversion ratio: Hyla broiler rabbits have a high feed conversion ratio, meaning that they convert a high percentage of the feed they eat into meat. This makes them a cost-effective option for commercial rabbit production.
  • Lean meat: Hyla broiler rabbits produce lean meat that is low in fat and high in protein. This makes it a healthy and nutritious option for consumers.
  • Disease resistance: Hyla broiler rabbits are resistant to a number of common rabbit diseases. This makes them a more reliable and sustainable option for commercial rabbit production.

In addition to these benefits, Hyla mature broiler rabbits are also known for their docility and ease of handling. This makes them a good choice for both commercial and backyard rabbit producers.

Here are some specific benefits of Hyla mature broiler rabbits for commercial producers:

  • Increased profitability: Hyla broiler rabbits can help commercial producers increase their profitability by reducing production costs and increasing output.
  • Reduced risk: Hyla broiler rabbits’ disease resistance and fast growth make them a less risky investment than other rabbit breeds.
  • Improved sustainability: Hyla broiler rabbits’ high feed conversion ratio and low environmental impact make them a more sustainable option for commercial rabbit production.

Characteristics of Hyla Mature Broiler Rabbits

  • Fast growth and reach a table size within 3 months (2kg)
  • Their colour is pure white with pink eyes.
  • Hyla once fully grown can have a plump, company body type. This breed also has erect ears which should not exceed five inches in length.

Standard rabbits are susceptible to problems such as overgrown teeth, flystrike, and ear mites. Rabbit owners need to check their rabbit’s ears every 2-3 weeks for mites.

Your Rabbit can be fed with pellets, grasses like elephant grass, fresh maize and leaves, lettuce, cabbage potatoes and leaves, carrots, dried cassava peels, yam peels, banana, and leaves etc.

  • You can also feed them with simple food formation includes Maize bran, groundnuts, millets or wheat, and alfalfa…all properly mixed together.
  • Pellets are preferable to mashes because the rabbits waste less (they are unable to pour them out of the crocks as easily).

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