Ivanor dewormer | Ivanor 1% ORAL (Ivermectin Dewormer)

Ivanor dewormer | Ivanor 1% ORAL (Ivermectin Dewormer)


Ivernor  1%  contains ivermectin as the active ingredient. It is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic used in poultry against external parasites(lice, mites, sucking lice) as well as against internal parasites such as roundworms, lungworms, and crop worms. It comes as a liquid preparation available in 100ml and 1-litre bottles.

Product Features:

Packaging: 100ml and 1 Litre
Active ingredient: Ivermectin

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Ivanor 1% ORAL (Ivermectin Dewormer)
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Ivanor 1% ORAL (Ivermectin Dewormer) is an oral dewormer that contains Ivermectin as the active ingredient. It is suitable for use in livestock and poultry.


Internal parasites, such as roundworms, tapeworms, and flukes, can cause a variety of health problems in livestock, including weight loss, anemia, and even death. Ivanor 1% Oral is effective against all major types of internal parasites, including:

  • Roundworms: Ascaris spp., Bunostomum spp., Cooperia spp., Haemonchus spp., Ostertagia spp., Trichostrongylus spp.
  • Tapeworms: Moniezia spp.
  • Flukes: Fasciola spp.

External Parasites

External parasites, such as mites and lice, can also cause a variety of health problems in livestock, including skin irritation, hair loss, and anemia. Ivanor 1% Oral is effective against all major types of external parasites, including:

  • Mites: Sarcoptes scabiei, Psoroptes ovis, Chorioptes bovis, Demodex spp.
  • Lice: Damalinia bovis, Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus suis, Pediculus humanus capitis

Benefits of Using Ivanor 1% Oral

Ivanor 1% Oral offers a number of benefits to livestock producers, including:

  • Broad-spectrum activity: Ivanor 1% Oral is effective against a wide range of internal and external parasites, eliminating the need to use multiple medications.
  • Easy administration: Ivanor 1% Oral is available in an oral form for easy administration. It can be given to livestock in their feed or water, or it can be administered directly into their mouth.
  • Safety: Ivanor 1% Oral is safe to use on all types of livestock, including pregnant and lactating animals.
  • Affordable: Ivanor 1% Oral is an affordable and cost-effective way to protect your livestock from parasites.

How to Use Ivanor 1% Oral

Ivanor 1% Oral is available in a variety of dosage forms, including liquid, powder, and granules. The dosage will vary depending on the type of animal being treated and the severity of the parasitic infection. It is important to follow the directions on the product label carefully.

For internal parasites, Ivanor 1% Oral is typically given once every 2-3 weeks for 2-3 treatments. For external parasites, Ivanor 1% Oral is typically given once every 2-4 weeks for 2-4 treatments.

Indications of Ivanor:

Used in poultry against internal parasites (nematodes, Capillaria spp. (Crop worm) and Ascaridia spp.) and external parasites like mite and lice infestations.

Composition of Ivanor dewormer:

Contains per ml: ivermectin 10mg.

  • How to Administer Ivanor: Oral

Dosage of Ivanor:

In poultry, 1ml per 5 litres of drinking water.(1ml per 15 birds or 0.25-0.35 mg per Kg body weight)

Additional Dosage Instructions for Poultry

1. Multiply the average weight of birds to be treated with the number of birds

2. Divide the total weight by 25 for the quantity (ml) of ivanor oral to be administered

3. Withdraw normal freshwater one hour before administration

4. Return to normal freshwater after consumption.


Withdrawal Period: Meat is fourteen days.


Storage: Store in a dry, dark place. Store in a closed packaging. Keep the medicine away from children.


Contraindications in Poultry: Do not administer to layers producing eggs for human consumption.


Precaution: Wash hands carefully after using this product.

Per Quantity

Per 100ml, Per 1 Litre

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