King Humus Plus Organic Soil Conditioner and Growth Stimulant -100g

King Humus Plus Organic Soil Conditioner and Growth Stimulant -100g


King Humus Plus is an organic fertilizer that benefits the plant by improving the fast growth of the plant and enhancing the plant root. It also increases the vitamins of the plant and also helps in the nurturing the plant as well as in producing the food in the plant.

King humus plus is suitable for all crops and helps in improving water holding capacity of soil. King humus plus helps in strengthen root vitality, promote quicker seed germination, enhance production, and crop appearance.

  • King humus plus contains a chelating agent.

Product features:

  • Composition: 100% humic Acid, 12.1% potassium, and 91.12% organic matter.
  • Package: 100g
King Humus Plus Organic Soil Conditioner and Growth Stimulant -100g


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King Humus Plus Organic Soil Conditioner and Growth Stimulant -100g a Humic acid is the most powerful known stimulant of beneficial fungi in your soil. This includes the creatures who build stable humus and the organisms who help control disease and produce a resilient soil. Beneficial fungi are the creatures most negatively impacted by modern farming strategies, so a tool to regenerate their numbers can be immeasurably important.

king humus plus is a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant for all kinds of crops. The product is 100% organic. So basically, it reduces your fertilizer input by half and increases your yield by 40%. It is also a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant which contains Humic Acid, Potassium and Organic Materials for all kinds of crops.

King Humus Plus is said to increase root vitality, improve nutrient uptake, increase chlorophyll synthesis, help seed germination, increase fertilizer retention, stimulate beneficial microbial activity and promote healthier plants and improved yields.

King Humus Plus Organic Soil Conditioner and Growth Stimulant -100g soil provides a concentrated source of naturally-occurring humus to your soil. It is pure organic carbon with thousands of types of bacteria and fungi living in its makeup. It also contains active ingredients that make the soil live again and break down the nutrients in the soil to provide the plant food. This includes the nitrogen to make the grass grow and the trace elements that are so vital to plant health. It is made in acid or alkaline mixes to suit your soil.

Content Analysis Of King Humus Plus

  • Humic acid (dry basis)…..87.5%
  • Potassium as K2O (dry basis)…..12.1%
  • Organic matter…..91.12%
  • pH value…..10
  • Water solubility…..100%
  • Size…..80 mesh

Advantages of using King Humus Plus

  • This product enhances nutrient uptake in soil.
  • King humus plus provides the ability to chelate micronutrients increasing their bio-availability to the plants.
  • The product is an earth restorer and Eco-friendly.
  • King Humus Plus can be used as a fertilizer enhancer or as watering application.
  • The product increases fertilizer retention.
  • King humus plus helps in promoting humus development.
  • Its a safe, effective and Eco-friendly product.

Alternatives to this fertilizer are D.I Grow, Boostract, Agriful, Tecnokel.

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