Knapsack Sprayer (Nexos Brand)
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Knapsack Sprayer (Nexos Brand)

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Original price was: ₦9,000.Current price is: ₦8,500.

The Nexos Knapsack sprayer is a high-quality equipment used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on agricultural crops. The product is ideal for the home gardener, pest control, application of fertilizer, weed control and so on.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable brass nozzle.
  • Made using standard parts
  • Comfortable and adjustable belt
  • Lightweight sprayer
  • Strong blow molded tank
  • Plastic base without bolts
  • Continuous mist spray
  • Plastic/brass pressure chamber
  • Available in attractive colours
  • Adjustable nylon belt.
  • Used for applying fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, water and toxins.
knapsack sprayers

Original price was: ₦9,000.Current price is: ₦8,500.

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Nexos knapsack sprayers ensure there is effective use of pesticides and herbicides, which  is important for good yields in any crop, and could save you money and/or increase yields, especially if spraying of these chemicals on the farm is done with the knapsack sprayer.

Chemicals mostly used on the farm are systemic and contact chemicals. The  systemic substance, which allows chemicals to be absorbed by the plant when sprayed and then works from the internal part of the plant.

  • The other type of chemical commonly used is the contact substance, which means the chemical only works effectively where it touches the target plant.
  • When spraying a systemic substance, spray coverage is not so important, but when spraying a contact substance, it is of vital importance to get good spray coverage.
  • Drift, as a result of wind, must be taken into account.

External factors to consider when spray with the knapsack sprayer includes:

Wind. Spraying in very windy conditions is not recommended because the wind causes the droplets to drift from the target. Wind can be tolerated to some extent by using nozzles that produce bigger droplets, but spraying is not recommended to spray in wind with speeds of more than 6 km/h.

Day temperature. Do not spray during the hottest time of the day because the smaller droplets tend to evaporate into the air. The sprayed chemical will not reach the target, which will result in a loss of money.

Crop stage. Crop stage and crop density has an influence on the choice of volume rate applied. The bigger the crop, the higher the spray volume rate in l/ha that must be applied to get good spray coverage.

The recommended spray volume is indicated on the chemicals container.

How the Knapsack Sprayer Works:

  • When operating the sprayer, liquid is drawn through the inlet valve into the pump chamber on the up stroke.
  • On the down stroke, liquid in the pump chamber is forced through the outlet valve into the pressure chamber.
  • The inlet valve between the tank and the pump is closed during this operation to prevent the return of liquid to the tank.
  • Air trapped in part of the pressure chamber and compressed as liquid is forced into the chamber.
  • The compressed air forces the liquid from the pressure chamber through the hose to the nozzle.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Clean and flush the sprayer after each use with clean water to prevent chemical corrosion and cross contamination.
  • Decompress the sprayer after use to release all the fluid out of the sprayer without further pumping.
  • Clean the nozzle assembly thoroughly by rinsing it in hot water after use to prevent blockages.
  • Clean all available filters.
  • Always mix the chemicals in the knapsack tank, never in clean water containers.
  • Make sure the air vent in the screw cap is unblocked. The sprayer will not work properly if the vent is blocked.
  • Adjust knapsack straps when fitted to ensure comfort before starting. Let someone help you.

Benefits of the Nexos Knapsack Sprayer:

  • High quality.
  • The sprayer is made of a good quality plastic material.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is relatively cheaper
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Labour saving.


Capacity Size – 16 Litres
Length (mm) – 38.5
Weight (kg) – 7.2
Width (mm) – 18
Height (mm) – 52
Pressure Chamber – Plastic
Lance – Fiber
Nozzle – 4 Nozzle set

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