Maxi MAP Fertilizer (Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer) -25kg

Maxi MAP Fertilizer (Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer) -25kg


Maxi MAP is the best solid granular fertilizer to supply phosphorus and nitrogen to your crops. These two nutrients are vital for rapid growth and vegetation. It is a widely used source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N).

In other to maximize your phosphorous plant nutrient efficiency to ensure quick sprouting and great vegetation, use Maxi MAP.

Product Features :

  • Composition: Phosphorus and Nitrogen.
  • Package size : 25kg.
Maxi MAP Fertilizer (Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer) -25kg


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Maxi MAP Fertilizer

MAP has been an important granular fertilizer for many years. It is water-soluble and dissolves rapidly in adequately moist soil. Upon dissolution, the two basic components of the fertilizer which are Nitrogen and Phosphorus, separate again to release ammonium (NH₄⁺) and phosphate (H₂PO₄⁻). Plants rely on both active ingredients for healthy and sustained growth. The pH of the solution surrounding the granule is moderately acidic, making Maxi MAP an especially desirable fertilizer in neutral- and high-pH soils. Agronomic studies show that, under most conditions, no significant difference exists in P nutrition between various commercial P fertilizers under most conditions.


Management practices

No special precautions are needed with the use of MAP. The slight acidity associated with this fertilizer reduces the potential for NH₃ loss to the air. MAP can be placed in close proximity to germinating seeds without concern for NH₃ damage.

However, MAP used in foliar spray or added to irrigation water, shouldn’t be mixed with calcium or magnesium fertilizers.

MAP has good storage and handling properties. Some of the chemical impurities (such as iron and aluminum) naturally serve as a conditioner to prevent caking. Highly pure MAP may have a conditioner added or may require extra care in handling to prevent clumping and caking. As with all P fertilizers, employ appropriate management practices to minimize any nutrient loss to surface or drainage water.

A high purity source of MAP is used as a feed ingredient for animals. The NH₄⁺ is synthesized into protein and the H₂PO₄⁻ supports a variety of metabolic functions in animals.

Benefits of Maxi Map fertilizer:

  • High cropping.
    Ensures healthy growth of the root system.
    It yields high-quality plant products.

Method of Application:

This product should be applied straight from its bag without mixing during sowing. Furthermore, it should be applied on alkaline soil i.e soil with a PH of 8 and above.

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