Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer (Maxi MAP Brand) -25kg
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Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer (Maxi MAP Brand) -25kg

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The Mono-ammonium phosphate fertilizer (Maxi MAP) is made of two constituents common in the fertilizer industry and contains the most phosphorus of any common solid fertilizer.
Mono-ammonium phosphate fertilizer is widely used as a source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) in the fertilizer industry for use in agricultural crop production. MAP is used as a source of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer that helps contributes to early plant establishment and vegetative growth.

Product Features:

  • Package size: 50kg
  • Nutrient composition: Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Original price was: ₦68,000.Current price is: ₦66,000.

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Monoammonium Phosphate fertilizer has been an important granular fertilizer for many years. Mono-ammonium Phosphate fertilizer is water-soluble and dissolves rapidly in adequately moist soil. Upon dissolution, the two basic components of the fertilizer separate again to release ammonium (NH₄⁺) and phosphate (H₂PO₄⁻), both of which are necessary for plants to rely on for healthy, sustained growth. The pH of the solution surrounding the granule is moderately acidic, making MAP an especially desirable fertilizer in neutral- and high-pH soils.

Chemical Composition of Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

  • (NH4)H2PO3: 98.5%min
  • Nitrogen: 11.50%min
  • Phosphorous Pent-oxide: 60.50%min
  • Moisture: 0.30%max
  • Water insoluble: 0.10%max
  • PH value: 4.0-5.0

Agricultural benefits of Maxi MAP

  • Ammonia nitrogen contributes to better phosphorus intake by plants.
  • Mono-ammonium Phosphate fertilizer has good storage and handling properties.
  • The product is a desirable fertilizer in neutral- and high-pH soils.

How to apply Maxi MAP fertilizer

  • This fertilizer should be applied when the ground is dry. Wear gloves and a face mask when handling or pouring the fertilizer.
  • Instructions on the package should be followed to determine the rate in pounds per square footage that you will need. This will vary depending on the type of grass you are fertilizing, whether it is being used for pre-planting or maintenance, and how much actual nitrogen you need to add to your lawn.
  • Set the lawn spreader according to the instructions on the package to get the appropriate coverage.
  • Water the lawn with 6 inches of water immediately after fertilizing. Fast-release fertilizers will burn the grass if not washed off right away.
  • Apply MAP fertilizer in the spring, before planting.
  • Apply MAP fertilizer to the soil and water it in a well.

  • Follow the directions on the fertilizer label to avoid over-fertilizing.

  • Test your soil regularly to determine your fertilizer needs.

MAP is a particularly important fertilizer for crops that require a lot of N and P, such as corn, soybeans, and wheat. MAP is also a good fertilizer for use on soils that are low in N and P.

Here are some of the benefits of using MAP fertilizer:

  • Promotes early root growth: MAP fertilizer is a good source of P, which is essential for root growth. This is especially important for young plants and seedlings.
  • Increases crop yields: MAP fertilizer can help increase crop yields by providing plants with the essential nutrients they need to grow and produce fruit.
  • Improves crop quality: MAP fertilizer can help to improve crop quality by producing larger, healthier fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduces soil erosion: MAP fertilizer can help to reduce soil erosion by promoting the growth of deep roots.
  • Improves soil fertility: MAP fertilizer can help to improve soil fertility by adding organic matter to the soil.

MAP fertilizer is a versatile fertilizer that can be used on a variety of crops and soils. It is a good choice for farmers who are looking for a fertilizer that can help them improve their crop yields and quality.

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