Nipple Drinker For Pigs | Drinker set

Nipple Drinker For Pigs | Drinker set

Nipple Drinker For Pigs/Drinker set

Water is central to profitable pig production as supply of fresh and clean water contributes to health and wellbeing of pigs. Pig nipple drinker is a convenient and hygienic way of suppling pigs water. It is suitable for different sizes of pigs from weaners to matured ones.


Unlimited access to water

Clean and uncontaminated water

Made of stainless steel

Easy to mount on the wall



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Nipple Drinker For Pigs

Water is a central to profitable pig production as supply of fresh and clean water contributes to health and wellbeing of pigs.  It is therefore important for pig producers to adopt water management schemes that will help conserve water and reduce incidence of disease by making available uncontaminated water. Pig nipple drinker is a suitable way of suppling pigs with clean  and uncontaminated water. Reduction in pig intake of water to a tone of 30% is an indication of an impending health issue. Reduced water intake will decrease the feed intake as well as decrease pig performance as well milk production in lactating sow. Loss of almost all of pig’s body fat and half of its protein may not result into dealt while loss of just 10% of their body water will result in dealt. Although, the water requirement for pigs varies with their stage of development; nipples drinker for pigs is suitable for different  stages ranging weaners to the matured ones.

Benefits of water to Pigs

Pigs requires water for the various metabolic activities in their bodies such as regulation of body temperature, transportation of nutrients to body tissues, removal of metabolic waste, production of milk, lubrication of the joints, growth and reproduction.

Nipple drinkers for pigs and their position in the pen:

It is important to provide enough drinking opportunities in each pen. Some pigs continuously intimidate other pigs, preventing them from reaching the drinking point. Therefore, at least two drinkers with nipples are recommended for pigs in a group.

Our bite nipples are the most commonly used nipples. They are best mounted at an angle of 15-45 degrees, the height still depends on the height of the pigs.

The height and position of nipple drinkers for pigs depend on the type of nipple which is our bite nipple), type of pig house and the age of the pigs. Nipples are generally mounted 5 cm above shoulder height for the smallest pig.

If you are into large numbers of commercial pigs, it is also stressful and almost impossible to measure all the pigs and adapt the height of the nipples continuously.

Therefore, our nipples are best mounted on the wall at a fixed height within a given range. In some pig houses, a few pig drinkers are mounted at various heights to make sure that every pig has easy access to the drinkers.

Benefits of our Nipple Drinker for Pigs:

  • Provides Clean water to prevent contamination.
  • The Nipples are easy to use.
  • It helps to prevent water wastage and clean environment.
  • It helps to give pigs the accurate water proportion necessary for their growth.
  • It is of high quality.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • Made of rust resistant and durable materials.
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