Nipple drinkers for pigs (Set of 5 Pieces)
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Nipple drinkers for pigs (Set of 5 Pieces)

Original price was: ₦9,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

Our pig nipples are of very good quality, which is made of stainless steel material that is strong and lasts long. The pig nipples helps the pigs to drink clean water directly from the nipples without being contaminated wasted. The pressure of the nipple drinker can be reduced when put to use, in order to avoid the water flowing too fast for the pig to drink.

Features of Pig Nipple Drinker

  • It is ideal for pigs.
  • The water flows through the pin of the nipples with an adjustable flow rate.
  • Stainless steel body with anti-corrosion.
  • Silver colour.
  • Weight: 80 g

Note: Minimum of two drinkers are recommended for pigs in a group.

Also note that, Five (5) pieces of pig nipples are contained in a pack).

Nipple drinkers for pigs

Original price was: ₦9,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

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By the time the pig is matured for market weight, water in the body comprises about 51% of its total body weight components. This proves how important water is throughout the life of a pig, as we know it comprises more than half of its weight.

Soon after the first week of a piglet, they start drinking water. It is also very important that the water supply system is clean and disinfected before usage by the pigs. The piglets can only suckle better when it stands.

How to choose the appropriate drinking system

It is important to provide enough drinking opportunities in each pen. Some pigs continuously intimidate other pigs, preventing them from reaching the drinking point. Therefore, at least two drinkers with nipples are recommended for pigs in a group.

Our bite nipples are the most commonly used nipples. They are best mounted at an angle of 15-45 degrees, the height still depends on the height of the pigs.

Nipple drinkers for pigs and their position in the pen:

The height and position of nipple drinkers for pigs depend on the type of nipple which is our bite nipple), type of pig house and the age of the pigs. Nipples are generally mounted 5 cm above shoulder height for the smallest pig.

If you are into large numbers of commercial pigs, it is also stressful and almost impossible to measure all the pigs and adapt the height of the nipples continuously.

Therefore, our nipples are best mounted on the wall at a fixed height within a given range. In some pig houses, a few pig drinkers are mounted at various heights to make sure that every pig has easy access to the drinkers.

Benefits of our Nipple Drinker for Pigs:

  • Provides Clean water to prevent contamination.
  • The Nipples are easy to use.
  • It helps to prevent water wastage and clean environment.
  • It helps to give pigs the accurate water proportion necessary for their growth.
  • It is of high quality.
  • Very easy to maintain.
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