NPK 15:15:15+10S Golden Fertilizer -50kg
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NPK 15:15:15+10S Golden Fertilizer -50kg

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Original price was: ₦55,000.Current price is: ₦50,000.

Golden fertilizer fertilizers can be used on all soil types under all crops. It is used as the basic fertilizer in Nigeria to feed the plants. This product contains high-grade Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur.

Package size: 50kg.

NPK Fertilizer 151515 Golden

Original price was: ₦55,000.Current price is: ₦50,000.

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NPK 15:15:15+10S Golden Fertilizer -50kg is a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur, which is essentially designed to meet crop requirements, maximize crop yield and quality. It is used as basic fertilizer and top dressing for different crops like Maize, Guinea Corn, Millet, Rice, Wheat etc.

Application of Golden fertilizer

  • Pre-plant application on a small area can be done by scattering fertilizer over the entire area and the tilling it into the soil.
  • Direct application to individual plants or plants in rows can be done by pouring the fertilizer into a clean, dry bucket, then walking down the row dropping the fertilizer next to plants. Avoid dropping the fertilizer directly on plants, as the chemicals can burn them. Use a small amount, around one tablespoon each for small plants.

Benefits of NPK 15:15:15+10S Golden Fertilizer

  • Golden fertilizer helps to correct or prevents magnesium deficiency, stunted growth, and reduced yields.
  • It helps in maximizing crop yield and quality.
  • Golden fertilizer helps improve soil acidification, activate soil nutrients and release soil fertility to promote soil mass structure, soil porosity and permeability.
  • The product is easy to apply at planting or throughout the growing season.

Uses of Golden fertilizer

  • Golden fertilizer enhances root growth and development, root seedlings, promote flower bud differentiation, improve fruit setting rate, prevent premature ageing.
  • It is a natural and safe fertilizer.

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3 reviews for NPK 15:15:15+10S Golden Fertilizer -50kg
  • Retino World

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    D effect of what is paid for was seen on d plant

  • Hope

    (verified owner)

    3 out of 5

    The product is okay but your customer care representative is always making mistakes with the price. Now she owes me and I haven’t gotten a refund.
    She also reduces the number of item I paid for and hasn’t refunded my money.

  • Richard Mutale

    (verified owner)

    3 out of 5

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