Parsley Commun 2 Seeds | 100g
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Parsley Commun 2 Seeds | 100g


Parsley is a high-quality Technisem hybrid seed. Belongs to varieties that stand out with incredible productivity and flavour of their leaves.

It may also be referred to as garden parsley.


  • Variety: Open pollinated.
  • Plant Type: Biennial but commonly grown as annual.
  • Plant Shape: hairless, with thin stems and triangular outline.
  • Flower : Umbels of 8-20 radios are yellowish green.
  • Fruit Shape: subglobose or ovoid, aromatic, with five ribs equal.
  • Package Size: 100g.
Parsley Commun 2 Seeds | 100g


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Parsley Commun 2 Seeds | 100g

Parsley is an aromatic plant with an erect growth habit and possesses branched, hollow stems and dark green flat or curled leaves which are arranged alternately on the stems.

It is a high-quality Technisem hybrid seed. Belongs to varieties that stand out with incredible productivity and flavour of their leaves.

Characteristivcs of Parsley Commun 2 Seeds

  • Parsley is a biennial herbaceous plant and reaches stature heights between 30 and 100 cm.
  • Leaf blades are large and smooth, deeply dentate and grow on firm, stiff, juicy stems.
  • Parsley is an annual plant.
  • All parts of the plant are useful.

Benefits of Parsley

  • Fresh “Commun 2” leaf parsley can be harvested almost the whole summer long to use its valuable leaves in soups, meat, sauces and other dishes.
  • Leaves of the variety offered here contain appetite stimulants and agents that regulate the digestive system.
  • They are also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, kalium, vitamin C, carotenoids and folic acid.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils that show beneficial effects to your health.
  • Parsley seed was used traditionally as a carminative to decrease flatulence and colic pain.
  • Oil also has been used to regulate menstrual flow in the treatment of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea

Growing of Parsley

  • The plant produces small, yellow flowers on umbels.
  • Germination is very slow, but if you soak the seed overnight in water.
  • Cover the seeds with soil and mark the rows since germination is so slow. The growing parsley seeds look like fine blades of grass.
  • Keep the plants consistently moist as they continue to grow, fertilize the plants once or twice during their growing season with a 5-10-5 fertilize.
    Your growing parsley seeds should be ready for harvest as soon as they are a few inches tall, can reach 30–100 cm in height depending on the variety.
  • Just snip the outer stems from the plant and it will continue to grow throughout the season.
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