Plastic Piglet Feeder

Plastic Piglet Feeder


Product Features:

  • Ad libitum
  • Using creep feed with feeder, your piglets will attain 8kg (on the average) within 6 weeks.
  • No feed wastage,
  • Made of reinforced plastic and stainless steel.
  • Can be filled by hand.
  • Suitable for mash and pelletized feed.
  • Can be mounted on slated or concrete floors.


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The uniquely designed plastic pig feeder is a modern pig equipment, that allows for easy creep placement, and provides controlled access (stainless steel dividers) to feed for growing piglets, as well as prevents feed wastage. It is a product of one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the Netherlands Big Dutchman

At their sensitive growth stage, piglets require specific feed and proper hygiene.While raising pigs, consideration needs to be made to maintain the value quality, reliability, and efficiency of feeding/drinking and management systems

Advantages of Plastic Pig feeder

1)The piglet feeder is used for feeding baby pig.

2)Suitable structure,make the feed flow up easily.

3)save food 30%, don’t waster food

4)easy to eat food with separate holes.

5)eat food healthy

6)high quality and easy cleaning

7)Save feed ,save labor.

8)Feeding automatic, can be adjustable.

Big Dutchman

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