Plastic Sprinkler Head
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Plastic Sprinkler Head

Original price was: ₦11,000.Current price is: ₦9,500.

Plastic sprinkler head is used for applying irrigation water which is similar to natural rainfall. Water is distributed through a system of pipes usually by pumping. It is then sprayed into the air through sprinklers so that it breaks up into small water drops which fall to the ground. The pump supply system, sprinklers and operating conditions must be designed to enable a uniform application of water.



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Plastic sprinkler head

Original price was: ₦11,000.Current price is: ₦9,500.

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Plastic sprinkler head are one of the extremely helpful and required gears in a few mechanical and also local procedures for Plastic Sprinkler Head. These plastic water sprinklers are generally being utilized and increased in value by our customers in every single piece of the nation. These plastic water sprinklers are comprised of top evaluation crude materials which make them strong and solid. We have decently tried these plastic water sprinklers before discharging them into the business for our customers. Our customers can profit these plastic water sprinklers at an exceptionally ordinary scope of costs.

When deciding on a lawn irrigation system, planning ahead is the most important thing you can do. For those who water their grass with a traditional garden hose and lawn sprinkler from the hardware store, the idea of a sprinkler system may seem deceptively simple. From the water pump you select to the sprinkler heads you install, designing a well-functioning lawn irrigation system is anything but simple. Below is a high-level review of the components of a lawn irrigation system.

An irrigation sprinkler (also known as a water sprinkler or simply a sprinkler) is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses, and other areas. They are also used for cooling and for the control of airborne dust. Sprinkler irrigation is the method of applying water in a controlled manner in way similar to rainfall. The water is distributed through a network that may consist of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers.

Plastic sprinkler head can be used for residential, industrial, and agricultural usage. It is useful on uneven land where sufficient water is not available as well as on sandy soil. The perpendicular pipes, having rotating nozzles on top, are joined to the main pipeline at regular intervals. When water is pressurized through the main pipe it escapes from the rotating nozzles. It gets sprinkled on the crop. In sprinkler or overhead irrigation, water is piped to one more central locations within the field and distributed by overhead high pressure sprinklers or guns.

Specifications of product:

  • Material: ABS/PP/POM
  • Joint : Female
  • Size : 1″
  • Nozzle : 7.0×3.1
  • Pressure : 2.0-3.5 Kpa
  • Flow Rate : 52-68.8 L/Min
  • Range: 18-23 m
  • SPQ : 50

Advantages of plastic sprinkler head

  • Plastic sprinkler head are suitable for all types of field condition.
  • It makes loss of water minimum.
  • Accurate and easy measurement of distributed water.
  • Uniform distribution of water with high distribution of water.
  • This product helps reduce labor cost.

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How to Take care of your sprinkler heads

  • Inspect your System Monthly
  • Clean after use 
  • Check the Pressure
  • Always Check for clog

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