Poultry Debeaking (Electric Handheld Debeaker)
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Poultry Debeaking (Electric Handheld Debeaker)

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Our Electric/Handheld Debeaker is easy to use, convenient and affordable.

Experience this portable and durable beak trimmer for your poultry birds. It has a cord which is connected to electricity before use.

Product Specification:

Cutter head: Stainless steel
Size: approx. 21cm
Cable length: approx. 2.5metres cord.
Voltage:220 V
Power:150 W.

Handheld electric debeaker


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A debeaking machine is used for trimming the beak of poultry birds. It’s most common in laying birds to reduce cannibalism, egg cracking, feather pecking, vent pecking and other fatality and losses that may arise from injurious pecking among the flock with their sharp beaks, which thereby reduces livability.

Therefore, debeakers are the special tools used in trimming the beaks of birds in a process known as debeaking. The Electric Handheld Debeakers is one of the simplest, and the most affordable form of debeakers.

This portable handheld debeaker is a neccesary equipment for every farmer, especially for emergency use. It comes with a 2.5metres cord and can be used to debeak already caged birds.

Our Electric Hand Debeaker also uses electricity like the other kind of debeakers. The purpose of the electric is to heat the debeaking blade which sterilises the debeaker, burns the beak bud to limit regrowth as well as reduce blood loss.
This Electric Handheld Debeaker uses 220v electricity with a 150watts power consumption, this enables it to be powered by most electricity source including small portable generators and 0.5KVA Inverters and above.

Our Debeaker machine is portable and can be easily carried. It has a cord which can be plugged into a source of electricity before use. It is very easy to use.

Benefits or Advantages of Debeaking:

The advantages or benefits of debeaking your birds are as follows:

  • To prevents wastage of feeds.
  • They help to reduces the incidence of pecking and cannibalism.
  • It reduces feather picking.
  • Generally makes handling of chicken easier.

Product Features include:
-Mounted Heating Element (Mounted Onto Hot Blade)
-Mounted Latch To Lock And Secure Cutting Blades Closed When Not In Use
-Stainless Steel Blade Eliminates Possibility Of Rust Build-Up
-2.5 Meter Cord For Ease Of Motion, While In Use
-Cuts And Cauterizes.
-Cuts With Ease And Precision.
-Hot Blade Cauterizes Docking Area To Stop Bleeding And Reduce Possibility Of Infection.

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