Incubator machine for Hatching Eggs (60/120/180 Eggs Capacity)

Incubator machine for Hatching Eggs (60/120/180 Eggs Capacity)

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This incubator is used for hatching eggs of small poultry birds like chicken, turkey, geese, duck, quails etc. at low capacity of 60, 120 and 180 eggs capacity at a time. It is great in regulating temperature, keeping eggs warm and in the correct humidity, and if needed to turn them, to hatch them.

It is powered electrically automatic egg-turning sensors and temperature and humidity alarm. This makes it unique with user-friendly designs, which ensures efficient egg setting and hatching operations.

These capacity egg incubators are recommended for small & medium scale egg-producing farmers.

Product Features:

  • Electric Powered.
  • Electrical heating systems.
  • Calibrating temperature sensor reading.
  • Heating element
  • Temperature and humidity alarm

NB: Choose any of our capacity size incubators below. Check inside product for instructional manual.

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Incubator machine is an equipment that uses an artificial method to hatch eggs. An incubator will enable poultry farmers hatch eggs artificially without having hens. The incubators can be adjusted and controlled to a preferred temperature depending on the purpose.

Although incubators need to be well calibrated to keep the settings stable throughout the incubation period.

  • An incubator machine is able to set the perfect environment and condition for an egg to incubate due to the fact that the incubator regulates the temperature, humidity, and turns the eggs automatically when necessary.

The incubator plays the role of the layer hen when it tends to hatch itself. The incubator also allows the egg to incubate while protecting eggs from possible external threats that could harm the eggs.

Incubating different species of poultry birds at the same time is possible within the same incubator.

Characteristics of the Portable Incubator machine 

  • It can majorly be operated to hatch eggs of smaller capacity of 60, 20 and 180 eggs at a time.
  • It can be controlled and adjusted to incubate small sized birds like chicken (layers), turkeys, quails eggs etc.
  • It is perfect and suitable for scale breeders.
  • While the incubation process, this incubator machine activates an automatic feature that turns the eggs at the appropriate time.
  • It uses a frequency of 220V-240V (50Hz) to turn the eggs.
  • It has user friendly control to regulate closely monitor eggs for temperatures, humidity and fast time hatching.
  • It is very portable and easy to handle. It is easy to operate, read and monitor.
  • This incubator comes as a transparent design to enable easy visibility of the process of incubation inside the incubator.
  • The technology functions is very accurate to gives the best result.
  • It does not waste time. Very fast.
  • Increases hatching rate by 96%, which has an automatic humidity control of 0.1% Rh.
  • The incubator doesn’t cause unnecessary noise. Can be easily used anytime of the day.
  • Incubator can be easily calibrated to the preferred settings.

Product Specification:

  • Weight -10kg
  • Capacity: 60 eggs capacity, 120 eggs capacity, 180 eggs capacity.
  • Suitable for hatching poultry eggs like chickens, turkeys, geese, quails.
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Digital LED display
  • Power: 18amp, 220V
  • Warranty:1 year
Weight N/A
Egg Capacity

60 Egg Capacity, 120 Egg Capacity, 180 Egg Capacity

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    I really enjoyed this product. Is there a way i can upload the picture of the products i bought ?

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