Poultry Nipple with Cup Drinker
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Poultry Nipple with Cup Drinker

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Poultry nipple with cup drinker consists of the nipple, clip, and drip cup all in one. This product is specially designed to prevent water from dripping on the floor of the chicken house whenever they peck the nipple for water.

Features of Product

  • They are durable.
  • Poultry nipple with cup drinker helps to save water.
  • They help reduce labour intensity.
  • They are made from plastic materials.
  • They are easy to fix.
Poultry nipple with cup drinker

Original price was: ₦450.Current price is: ₦400.

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Poultry nipple drinkers are watering systems designed specifically for chickens and other birds. They consist of a durable nipple unit that dispenses water when pecked. This triggers the valve and releases a small amount of water into the plastic catch cup below, which the bird then drinks from. Poultry nipple with cup drinker is one of the modern ways of serving water to chickens without having to carry water around in buckets. The nipple drinking system is fully automated and is probably the most widely used chicken drinking system used by modern poultry farmers. There are different variants of nipple drinkers.

How Poultry Nipple with Cup Drinker Works

The water is delivered to nipple-drinking pipes from a header tank on top of the chicken house. As the chickens need water they will peck at the nipple and a drop of water is released. It is a fantastic method of giving your chickens water. A well-designed nipple will not drip or give too much water – this prevents the shavings from getting wet – which can cause problems with the health of your chickens.

This product requires some maintenance – but the work involved in maintaining a nipple drinking system is a lot less work than filling buckets or cleaning out automatic drinkers.

Advantages of Poultry Nipple Cup with Drinker

Some advantages of the nipple drinking system or nipple drinkers are:

  • It makes it easy to serve water to chickens.
  • The product helps save additional space and accommodate more chickens.
  • They help ease oral medication and vaccination of birds.
  • It eases the management of poultry birds within a pen.
  • If well-handled, it reduces the incidence of rapid wet litter.
  • They make watering operations faster.
  • The product can be used in both battery-cage and deep-litter production system.
  • It involves low maintenance.
  • It is quite resistant to bacterial growth.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Prevents water from dripping on the floor, thereby keeping litter very dry.

Installation Tips

  • – Install nipple at bird head height
  • – Position cup 1–2 inches below nipple valve
  • – Attach securely to poultry house framing
  • – Space 1 nipple for every 10-15 adult birds
  • – Flush lines thoroughly to remove debris

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